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Are there any pregnancy apps you can recommend?

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Alisvolatpropiis Sun 19-Oct-14 14:45:44

Just that really smile

woodwaj Sun 19-Oct-14 15:42:36

I use baby centre and i like it. You get a fact a day! there are other features but i tend not to use them

WrappedInABlankie Sun 19-Oct-14 15:43:24

Ovia pregnancy

ThinkIveBeenHacked Sun 19-Oct-14 15:43:44

I have the What To Expect When You Are Expecting one. Keeps track of your gestation (I can never remember!) as well as weekly Your Body and Baby updates and daily info.

Burmama Sun 19-Oct-14 15:44:18

I like Baby centre too.

BananaToast Sun 19-Oct-14 17:47:56

Pregnancy + is fantastic - it shows you 2d and 3d scan images of babies at each week, images of what baby looks like, size etc, and has sections for favourite baby names, weight gain tracking, daily facts - so many things. I love it and check it daily. It also tells you how far you are in weeks and days on the homepage. Would really recommend it.

Alisvolatpropiis Sun 19-Oct-14 20:41:04

Thanks all!

I'm really quite nervous so think a tracker app type thing would be helpful.

I've never been pregnant before and find myself thinking "good, nothing went wrong today" every night, like I'm expecting it to.

woodwaj Sun 19-Oct-14 21:17:25

Get a few apps and just uninstall the ones you dont like. I find it funny that i usually have something happen (leg cramp etc) then my app will warn me about it a day later. I also like how it reminds me to "take a belly photo"

ZenNudist Sun 19-Oct-14 21:20:36

I loved baby centre

A contraction timing app very useful when labour starts

teejayem Sun 19-Oct-14 21:43:32

I really like Ovia Pregnancy and Pregnancy+

KateTheHuman Sun 19-Oct-14 22:03:33

Definitely Ovia! Seeing the size of baby's hand is adorable!

gigglyapp Sat 08-Oct-16 15:03:48

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

raviolidreaming Sat 08-Oct-16 20:26:36

Definitely Ovia! Seeing the size of baby's hand is adorable!

Another vote for Ovia - I love the seeing the hand getting bigger! Just need to ignore any advice specific to the American health care system.

raviolidreaming Sat 08-Oct-16 20:28:56

Sorry, I didn't get a zombie warning! blush My suspicions were eventually raised at the huge number of posts about apps all of a sudden!

charlybs Sun 09-Oct-16 20:55:44

I really like ovia. Pregnancy + annoyed me as you had to pay after 13 weeks or so. Plus the very anatomically correct photos freaked me out a bit. Agree with other posters - download them all and see what you like!

VeganMama83 Sun 09-Oct-16 21:12:01

I like Pregnancy + and Ovia

Loads of extra features on both

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