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Slimming World whilst pregnant

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boohbah Mon 12-Apr-04 08:48:52

Is anyone doing slimming world whilst pregnanat???

eidsvold Mon 12-Apr-04 10:04:21

i was on weight watchers and once i found out I was pregnant I checked with the leader and found I could only do it up to a certain time ( can't remember what it is was now.) - i decided to stop it then - about 6/7 weeks pregnant at the time.

twiglett Mon 12-Apr-04 11:05:36

message withdrawn

alexsmum Mon 12-Apr-04 12:01:13

Yes I did slimming world when a very loose way.I went to class up to about 36 weeks and just kept an eye on it. You have to get permission from your midwife and they reckon its a healthy enough eating plan. I'm doing it now b/fing and you get to loads more than normal!!!!

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