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Princess Royal Maternity Glasgow, any recent experiences?

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Chocolateporridge Fri 17-Oct-14 22:25:10

My dd was born at the Southern General and although I didn't have a good experience there, I'm nervous about going to the Princess Royal for my c section in 5 weeks, but due to certain medical equipment being necessary I have no option.

Has anyone delivered there in the last year or so? What was it like? Any survival tips?

Oh, and I've been to the Royal Infirmary once and had to walk what seemed like miles from the multi storey car park, where is the maternity unit in relation to parking?!

blizy Fri 17-Oct-14 23:22:37

Hi, I delivered my dd in the prm 3 years ago, I had an amazing experience. The staff were so supportive and fantastic, really couldn't fault anyone. I am due to give birth there again in January via an elcs, I've had all of my ante natal appointments at the royal, the parking isn't an issue. It's literally a 2 min walk to the doors of the maternity unit.

duvetfan Sat 18-Oct-14 00:50:19

I haven't been myself but I also chose not to go to the Southern. I know a few people who have been to the princess and all spoke highly of it good luck. X

roughtyping Sat 18-Oct-14 09:44:44

No experience but entrance to the maternity unit is on Alexandra Parade (same entrance for physio).

Chocolateporridge Sat 18-Oct-14 19:21:47

Thanks smile We drove to it tonight to see where it was and I can't quite figure it out, do you park at the multi storey car park and then walk all the way round the front on the main road?

roughtyping Sat 18-Oct-14 23:05:38

That's what I do for physio chocolate, not sure if there's another way. It's less than a 5 min walk though (you could have someone drop you at the front then they can go to park? I've done that when I've had physio but in middle of a flare so can't walk far)

ffallada Sun 19-Oct-14 08:54:45

I'm booked into the PRM in December. I've heard good and bad things about both the PRM and the southern, so I figure it really doesn't matter where you go, the staff are overworked!
Good luck

kitkat321 Mon 20-Oct-14 12:49:52

I'm another due to delivery at the PRM some time in December.

I've heard mixed reviews also - but that's been the same with all hospitals and it does appear to have a better reputation than Wishaw which was my other option.

Car park is about 5 minutes walk away so not too far.

Chocolateporridge Mon 20-Oct-14 21:05:34

Thanks, I feel a bit more reassured now smile The staff at the Southern have been fantastic throughout my pregnancy, so I felt nervous about going somewhere different for the actual delivery but I'm sure it'll be fine. smile

MrsHende Mon 20-Oct-14 21:12:01

I had my second DD at the PRM just three weeks ago! DD1 was born there too, ended up with emergency section and they were amazing. This time I had an ELCS and another good experience.

An anaesthetist I know, who works in all the hospitals in Glasgow and lives nowhere near the PRM, chose to have all of her babies there - I found that very reassuring!

catseyes10 Mon 20-Oct-14 21:18:47

I've had both an emc and an elective, the elc being the most recent. Honestly, nothing but positives to say about the elective. A woman I know who is a midwife there came into my surgery and helped deliver ds, it was all very relaxed and professional. Good luck!!

Chocolateporridge Wed 22-Oct-14 09:17:45

Ooooh thanks Mrs and Cats, that's really reassuring because your experiences are so recent.

I don't know why, but the layout of the Royal Infirmary freaks me out, it just seems huge!

catseyes10 Wed 22-Oct-14 12:10:03

The only time I felt aware of how huge it was, was when it was time to leave! When waiting in the morning, there were 4 women in the room, the surgeon and anaesthetist both came down to chat me through what was going to happen and what order they were taking us, so at least I had some idea when I would be in theatre. It'll be fine! Best of luck xx

louiset849 Thu 23-Oct-14 22:13:50

I've had 2 c sections in the prm one emergency in 2011 and an elective in 2013, I loved the hospital the midwifes were all amazing a bit over stretched but they were all lovley smile only thing I hated was having to leave baby at my bedside to go for meals but for me it wasn't so bad as my partner was always there but I can imagine for people who can have someone there all the time it can be a bit of a pain. There is parking in the multi story car park but that could be quite expensive if you are in for a while. I'm sure I was about £3.50 for 3 hours or so but you can park for free on alexandria parade but it's quite a walk! My only survival tip realy is take plenty change as you have to pay for the TV think that was about £5 xx

NeedaDiscoNap Thu 23-Oct-14 22:21:57

I had an emergency section at the PRM in May and can't recommend it highly enough (chose not to go to the southern after a previously unpleasant experience when I had a mc).

I felt very well looked after - the midwives were obviously stretched but were very attentive and supportive. I was also given lots of support with bfeeding too. The two midwives who had been with me at the start and end of my labour came up to the ward to visit me afterwards which I thought was lovely.

I also loved the mix of women who had their babies there - I was in for 8 days in total and the ever changing mums on my ward was like watching a soap opera! grin

Chocolateporridge Thu 23-Oct-14 22:58:02

Oh Louise why do you have to leave the baby? Can't you eat at your bedside? That would really worry me!

Chocolateporridge Fri 24-Oct-14 20:53:14

Still can't stop worrying about having to leave new baby in a ward with people I don't know and their partners while I go and eat in a different room confused

Has anyone else had to do this recently?

Jbck Fri 24-Oct-14 21:01:28

The maternity is not obviously part of the main hospital once you are inside. Unless it's changed you go in the main door but in to the left for the lifts and once you go up you don't really need to see the main hospital again really till you leave.

Unless you go during the night and have to go in via the dungeon which is round Castle Street if I remember right.

Good luck.

NeedaDiscoNap Fri 24-Oct-14 21:31:44

Chocolate, when you go for meals there are no visitors in - except dads at lunchtime/dinner. The auxiliaries and midwives are always around, and the other mums in my ward did an ad-hoc keeping an eye on each other's babies during mealtimes and showers - giving them a wee rock or cuddle if they needed it. The dining room isn't very far, honest.

You could always do what I did - only go for breakfast and demand your DH/visitors bring you lunch and dinner (I'm super fussy!). There was a fridge in the dining room where you could keep your own food and drink as long as you labelled it. I had a big stash of diet coke and hummus grin.

NeedaDiscoNap Fri 24-Oct-14 21:32:50

Sorry that was unclear - you can eat your own food at your bedside but if you want hospital meals you eat them in the dining room.

Chocolateporridge Fri 24-Oct-14 22:06:16

Okay, maybe I'm being a bit precious, but how do you know the other mums/partners are ok?!

Sad person that I am I actually like hospital food, but may have to just get dh to bring meals in because I think it would stress me out to leave baby with strangers!

NeedaDiscoNap Fri 24-Oct-14 22:09:02

I suppose you don't really (unless you judge them instantly, which is what I did!).

Honestly, the midwives are right there, all the time. I found it odd to begin with but I did get used to it.

Jbck Fri 24-Oct-14 23:29:19

Don't know if anything has changed since I had DD2 but it is all very secure, secure entry to Mat Unit and there were no Dads even in when I went for breakfast, in fact 4 of us left our babies and had breakfast together. MWs watched babies.

DH brought me in a nice wrap for lunch next day and Id come in in labour so had nothing to eat till after DD was born and just had snacks at bedside. DH ate my post baby toast n tea.

ffallada Sat 25-Oct-14 00:00:11

If it helps my midwife told me that they are aiming for really quick turn around times now - if you give birth in the morning they would expect you to be going home by tea-time. I was a little shock at this, as a first time mum I was hoping for as much MW help as possible, but there is no staying in hospital now unless there is something wrong.
You probably wont get a chance to eat a meal before they are bundling you out the door.
She also mentioned that all expectant mums should contact their hospital about breast-feeding classes if that's what you plan to do, as unless you happen upon a particularly quiet time, midwives will not have the time to sit with you in hospital.
So that's cheery then

catseyes10 Sat 25-Oct-14 08:37:31

You stay in for an overnight after a section, and can go home the next day (if your baby is born before 12 midday) my dc was born just after the cut off time and I had to ask to get home the day after, the doctor came to assess me before they would discharge me. Oh and it is very secure, to the point where my dh was carrying our baby for a wee cuddle and tried to take him a walk down the corridor (I could still see them) and was stopped by a midwife and asked to bring the baby back to the bedside.

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