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Yet another shiny and new posifrickintivity thread for pregnancy after miscarriage

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SunbathingCat Wed 15-Oct-14 22:21:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

silverine Wed 15-Oct-14 23:04:03

And the stats list - best wishes all smile

Wigwam33: 1MC, 1DS, 1MMC & 2MCs, EDD 9th October (or 29th Sep according to NHS)
CorporeSarnie: 1DD, 1MC, EDD 1st Nov
cheesecurry86: mc dd (21weeks), edd 3 Nov 2014
MabelMay: 2DS, 1MC, 1MMC EDD 6th November
Omama 1 DS, 1 MMC, EDD 5th December 2014
Gwlondon 1mc DS 1mmc EDD 5th Dec
BobaFetaCheese; 4 MC, 2DS, EDD 14 December 2014
Seasides: 1 EP, 0DC, EDD 15 Dec 2014
Amicablemoomin; 2MC, 0DS, EDD 19 December 2014
Liesal: 1MMC 4MC, EDD 23 December 2014
Cuppachaplz: 1 DS (twin MC'd), 8MC, 1 EP, 5 MMC, EDD 25 December 2014
QuietTiger; 0DC, 1DD (Stillborn), 1MMC, 3MC, EDD 25th December 2014
CallingAllEngels 2MC, 1DS, EDD 28th December 2014
aMuminwaiting: 5MC, 2MMC, EDD 31st December 2014
TeaRex: 1MMC, 1DD, EDD 7th January 2015
DitzyDonkey: 1MMC, 1DS, EDD 9th January 2015
Cakebaker35: 1DD, 1mmc twins, EDD 20th January 2015
GailLondon: 1 DD, 1 MC at 12 weeks, EDD 30th Jan 2015
AddictedToRadley: 1 DS (5.7yrs), 13 MCs inc DS's twin, EDD 8th Feb 2015
Blankfornames; 1 MC at 6 weeks. EDD of DC1 19th February 2015.
BadgersInTheSlurryLagoon; 1MMC, 2MC, EDD 24 Feb 2015
Davidtenantsmistress; 4MC, 2MMC, 2DS, EDD 27th February 2015
Silverine: no DCs, 1 MMC at 10 weeks, 1 MC at 8 weeks, 1 CP/early MC; EDD 1 March 2015
HollyBen: MC (10 weeks), DD, MC (9 weeks), EDD 2nd March 2015
Tannyloo; 2 DS (14 & 2.5), 4MC (1BO), 1 MMC, EDD 3rd March 2015
Babytinks11; 4MC, 1MMC, 1DS, EDD 4th March 2015
Missmakesstuff: 1 mc, edd 23 March 2015
Ilovechops, 1MC,1MMC,1DD, EDD 24 March 2015
Littlemissy12345: 1DD, 2mc, EDD 25 March 2015
Suzybean: 38, 1 DS age 5, mmc Feb 13, mc March 14. EDD 12th April 2015
Psmith: 1 MP, 1 MC, EDD April 23rd 2015
OneDayLikeThis2013: 27, no DCs, MMC June 2014, EDD 26 April 2015
Haily111: dc3, mc May, EDD 5 May 2015
ToriB34: 34, no DC, mmc in July, EDD 29th May 2015
Longesrlurkerever: 1dd, 2mc, 1mmc, EDD 30 May 2015
SunbathingCat: 35, no DCs, mmc in May, EDD 7 June 2015
Phryn : Age 32, no DC, mc in Aug 14, EDD 7th June 2015

Thread Babies:

Jessw25 Baby Oliver born 9 July 2013 5lb 11oz
BobaFetaCheese Baby Alexander born 30 July 2013 7lb 4oz
Andadietcoke twin girls born 29 August Charlotte 5lb 5oz & Sophie 7lb 13oz
Pentagon baby Elsie born 23 October 7lb 5oz
Bodicea baby James born 3 November 8lb
Ibelieveinpink baby Imogen born 14 November 7lb 4oz
BumpKitty baby Matilda born 18 Nov 8lb 2oz
Luckysocks13 baby Charlotte born 24 Nov 8lb
Jmf294 baby Alexander James born 25 Nov 7lb 4oz
Shellsocks baby Noah Stephen born 27 Nov 9lb 3.5oz
Gardenworm baby Wolfie born 1 December
Janielovesluckysocks baby Leo Thomas born 4 Dec 7lb 5oz
Bootyluscious baby Sofia born 17 December 6lb 2oz
ChocolateTeabag: baby Joss born 18 December 7lb 7oz
Blackholes: Baby girl born 23 December
WhatwillSantabring: Baby boy born 6 January 8lbs 7oz
pumpkinsweetie: Baby girl born 7 January 6lb 4 oz
Christinedaae - Baby girl Sawyer born 6th Feb 9lb11.5oz
MissMedusa: Baby Rhydian Thursday 27 Feb 1080g
TotalShock - Baby James born 25 February 8lb 1oz
Swangirl: Baby boy, 4 March
SaggyOldClothPussCat: Lucy Elanor 7 March 7lb
Pixielady83: Baby girl, 9 March
GuffSmuggler: Baby boy, 3 March
Fod: Baby Girl, 7 April, 10lb 3
TeaAndANatter: Baby Henry born 18 April 7lb 15oz
Kjh5: Baby Logan born 19 April 3.3kg
CbeebiesIsMyLife: Baby boy born 2 May
StarsInTheNightSky: baby Jasper, born early May, 8lbs3
Tomkat: Baby Lolly born 16 May
Bakingtins: Baby Faith born 23 May 5lb 3oz
Penguinita: Baby Elanor born 27th May 6lb 1oz
Emki: Baby Michael born 29th May 9lb 10oz
Pgchimp: Baby boy born 16th June
Fishcake77: Baby boy Jack born 26th June 7lbs 14oz
Nerdy bird: baby girl born 1st July
Keepingthefaith: baby girl born 2nd August 2014 10 weeks early 2.5lbs
MrsGiraffe12: baby girl born 1 Sept 2014
OneLittleToddleTerror (now TwoLittleTerrors smile): baby girl born 14th September 2014
Alb1: baby boy born 14 September 2014
fedupofrainydays: baby boy born 16 September 2014
Squizita: baby girl born 21 September 2014
HopefulHamster: baby Serena Lorelai, born 1 October 2014, 7lb3
Londonjen: Baby Eleanor born 6th October 2014

liesal79 Wed 15-Oct-14 23:04:52

Hi yet again, things are not going easy. I meNtioned at the diabetic clinic I had a 5 day headache, next thing, I'm In the day unit, on a drip coz I'm tackicardic while they phone 999 for an ambulance to tAke me to the maternity hospital!! Turns out all ok, just been told to rest!

Positive point, I was calm throughout it all & not anxious! I'd like some normal pregnant time now please!!!

SunbathingCat Wed 15-Oct-14 23:10:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Phryn Thu 16-Oct-14 07:57:53

Well done on staying calm liesal. Hope you can rest up and feel much better soon.

GailLondon Thu 16-Oct-14 09:31:54

Hello, hello new thread!

eeek liesal glad you are feeling better now!

amicablemoomin Thu 16-Oct-14 10:52:41

oh my goodness Liesal! here is wishing you a very boring few weeks ahead.....

thanks for the new thread and stats!

Cakebaker35 Thu 16-Oct-14 11:00:29

Thanks for the new thread.

liesel how scary, hope you're doing ok now and we'll done for staying calm.

Cuppachaplz Thu 16-Oct-14 11:45:11

Thanks sunbathing and silver
Can't quite believe I'm moving up the drafts. Eek!
There's a lot of us growing Christmas puddings isn't there?

Had a return to worsening nausea and vomiting last few days. This morning, full on no warning projectile vom sad followed almost immediately by ravenous hunger TMI
Hoping this is a blip, not a last trimester symptom, that I'll have for the next 2 months sad

Cuppachaplz Thu 16-Oct-14 11:46:08

Drafts???? Autocorrect, means stats

Cuppachaplz Thu 16-Oct-14 11:47:28

Hugs liesal glad all's well. Wish you better soon xx

TeaRex Thu 16-Oct-14 13:58:33

Hi Everyone, sorry I've been off radar for a long time, phone broke and I don't often get to go on the home comp but I'm at home today with a sick toddler so while she's having a nap thought I'd better check in, I need to make more effort but I've got a cheap tablet now so should be easier smile

Hello to all the new faces that I've not 'met' and congratulations on all the new babies! lovely news smile

Things with me are okay, can feel the baby moving around loads which I find very reassuring and only have 7 weeks left till Mat leave, can't quite believe that really. I've got my next scan in 4 weeks to check the baby is not a giant and my pesky placenta has moved up so fingers crossed on that front but overall I'm actually feeling a bit like my old self again which is nice.

Liesal, hope you're okay and everyone else is having a good day xxx

tannyLoo Thu 16-Oct-14 15:18:21

Marking my place, and soooooo tired today with another to go to the weekend. Boooo!

StopEatingThatMud Thu 16-Oct-14 15:49:07

Place marking for a catch up read later!

joycep Thu 16-Oct-14 16:05:05

Please could I join you ladies? It's very early days, 7 wks but Am already pretty nervous. 4.5 years of trying for first child. Pregnant quickly in 2010 but ended in miscarriage at 7wks. Then unexplained infertility. 1st ivf worked and got pregnant with twins in Jan 2013 but ended in Mmc at 10weeks. This pregnancy is the result of a 3rd round of ivf and I have no back up frosties so a lot riding on it. Early freak out scan this week after bleed showed it's another twin pregnancy and both were measuring on target. Quite a heavy bleed yesterday which was horrible but has subsided now. The scan the other day didn't show why I was bleeding though. I hope it's just one of those things. Too superstitious to even try and work out a due date, it just seems a very big mountain to climb.

Is anyone else a bit neurotic and scared in the first tri?!

SunbathingCat Thu 16-Oct-14 16:20:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Babytinx11 Thu 16-Oct-14 17:51:55

Hey all another new thread wow we talk allot smile 20 week scan tomorrow afternoon and scan dread is in full force at the moment dispite unmistakable movements from
Baby. Having horrie nightmares that the pain relief I am in if going to have affected baby sad but by this time tomorrow we will know if all is well.

Goodluck for your scan tomorrow silver

Hope all is well with everyone need to have a good catch up but painkillers and baby brain are killing my attention span lol

blankfornames Thu 16-Oct-14 18:29:57

Hi girls, been so busy of late that I haven't gotten on to catch up with all the news! DH is away so will put aside some time later and catchup with all the news!
All good here, I'm 22wks today and have a very active baba. Feel so much more confident these days that I can feel Bean moving. Although it still goes on, the 24hr knicker watch has definitely calmed down. A girl in my yoga class is due soon, the same time as I would have been before my mc, and can't help but sometimes feel sad, though eternally grateful for having another EDD to look forward to!

WrappedInABlankie Thu 16-Oct-14 18:43:35

Just found out I'm pregnant after an ectopic in march.

Having a scan on the 31st to check everything is a-okay

longestlurkerever Thu 16-Oct-14 19:48:05

Welcome joy. We're about at the same stage. What a lot you've been through. Really hoping this one sticks for you.

Thanks for the new thread and adding me to the stats-eek. Feeling quite sick today which I am taking as a good sign though it's not been much fun. Had to duck out of boss's leaving drinks as was about to throw up.

TeaandHobnobs Thu 16-Oct-14 20:49:36

Hi everyone. Been missing for ages confused Nothing much to report here, starting to feel a bit of movement occasionally (usually when I wake up in the night, although I'm sure that is not why I am waking up) at 18+6. 20 week scan is a week tomorrow. Had a good physio session this week about my PGP/SPD, so I feel a bit more in control of that now.

Good luck for tomorrow Babytinx and fingers crossed for joy thanks

missmakesstuff Thu 16-Oct-14 20:56:48

Thanks for the new thread and welcome to wrapped and joy, I'm just ticking along, very tired in the evenings and looking forward to and dreading in equal measures a school trip to New York Newsweek, I'm going to because for 24 hrs on the first day, busy 4 days of activities after that, no idea how I will keep going!

baby good luck for your scan fx everything ok, I do feel really lucky at the moment that everything is going well, my scan in a few weeks but feeling ok about it for now.

ToriB34 Thu 16-Oct-14 21:12:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Babytinx11 Thu 16-Oct-14 21:31:49

joy I think neurotic and scared are par for the course as far as being pregnant after miscarriage

Hi wrappedup hoping you have a happy healthy 9 months smile

Hey tea been a while was wondering the other day how things were with you smile

holly glad things are going well with you smile

Currently feeling a mix of dread and excitement just keep telling myself this time tomorrow I'll know what flavour baby is and maybe then I'll believe there rely is going to be a baby and start looking at baby stuff

FlorenceandZebedee Thu 16-Oct-14 21:34:35

Hi all, thought I'd take a deep breath and join you all rather than just lurk (as I have been doing for about 3 months blush) I'm 17 weeks pregnant with an EDD of 25th March following a mmc at 12 weeks at the end of Feb this year. Oh and I have 1 ds who is 2 and 9 months. Think I'm feeling as many on here do, despite 2 scans and hearing the heartbeat twice I can only relax for about 1 day after each. Currently slightly anxious that I thought I'd felt quite a bit of movement but this seems to have dropped off- mw not concerned but I am. Also weight gain is v slow compared to when I had ds, again consultant not concerned but I am-aaah!! Anyway hello everyone, it's lovely to be on your thread and wishing us all smooth and uneventful pregnancies x

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