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Stem cells - Cells Limited out of business?

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Vanessa335 Wed 15-Oct-14 12:18:04

Has anyone else got their kids' stem cells stored with Cells Limited? I've just gone to check my contact details are up to date with them and had a shock - the website is gone, the phone numbers are unobtainable and my emails to them bounce back. I've emailed their parent company in Belgium (Cryo-Save) and am awaiting a reply. The cells were supposed to be stored for 20 years so I'm currently going spare wondering what's happened to them and furious the company didn't let me know they were closing down.

If anyone has any experience of this situation or any advice, it'd be much appreciated.

Keios Fri 08-Jan-16 08:56:31

Hi, sorry to bring an old thread back up but did you find out what happened to your cells? We had cells stored with them too and I only found out they gone bust today.

Brynster Tue 23-May-17 05:35:15

Hey - did anyone get any further with this as I'm in the same boat too.

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