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diarrhoea and vomiting at 36 weeks

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squishy Sat 30-Sep-06 09:45:40

I don't feel especially unwell but have had significant bouts of both this morning - haven't eaten anything dodgy (I don't think) and didn't feel unwell when I went to bed last night (although I did feel sick when I got home from work yesterday afternoon).

Just a bit panicky as I've read somewhere that some labours start in this way and am a little on edge as several of the women in my ante natal class have had theirs early ....

Twiglett Sat 30-Sep-06 09:48:16

you most probably have a tummy bug

try not to worry about it .. take to your bed and drink lots of water to help flush it out

sleepfinder Sat 30-Sep-06 10:12:18

I had that too - one week one end, the next week the other. I phoned the midwives and they said tummy bug. Unless other stuff is going on - contractions, etc its just something you have to sit out...hope you feel better!!!

squishy Sat 30-Sep-06 10:21:28

Thanks, as I said, I don't feel particularly bad. No other stuff like contractions, just plenty of kicking and an almost constant urge to wee!!!

kdinas Sat 30-Sep-06 11:42:03

Don't want to alarm you, but the constant weeing would make me think I was about to gointo labour.
I would check my bags and make sure I have everything sorted out for the birth.
Then I would sit there thinking 'is this it?'
ANd be extremely bored when nothing happened until possibly the next day!
It maybe the start of something, or it may not be.
Keep your fluids up, and try to eat something light, you will need your energy if this is the start!
Good luck!

LIZS Sat 30-Sep-06 12:05:44

The weeign may be due to the baby moving down or could be a UTI ? Perhaps worth getting checked over just in case as it could bring on labour. Good luck and try to rest up, get organised and nibble if you have any appetite.

pacinofan Sat 30-Sep-06 15:37:02

I don't wish to alarm you, but the day before I went into labour I had a very bad upset stomach/sickness. I had a midwife appointment in the afternoon, all was well, my labour started 12 hours later. In hindsight, I am sure the tummy upset/sickness was my body's way of preparing for labour but of course I didn't realise this at the time.

Dd2 arrived safely at 37 weeks, I wasn't totally surprised at I had strong gut feelings she'd be early, although absolutely nothing medical to suggest this.

I would say just stay at home with your family and try to relax, hard I know, and if in doubt call your midwife.

Best of luck, and hope the tummy bug passes soon,

incy Sat 30-Sep-06 17:49:57

When I was at the end of my pregancy I was in the day unit with a woman who had a stomach upset (also under observation) because apparently a stomach upset can start off labour (why we are told to have a curry etc when overdue). So would just keep an eye on it and if any contractions start, call you midwife.

squishy Sat 30-Sep-06 19:35:20

eek! OK, thanks. Having said I felt fine, have spent the rest of the day not feeling well at all: hot and cold all the time and unable to keep down anything except sips of cold water (have tried eating light snacks several times).

Thanks for the support; am hoping I feel much better tomorrow and this isn't the start!! LO moved into head down last week, but am sure has turned again since! Fingers crossed as I want a home birth and my pool's not here yet!!

squishy Sun 01-Oct-06 10:52:47

Managed to keep down a small glass of cranberry juice last night after comment about UTI and have managed to keep down a piece of toast for 30 mins this morning...fingers crossed.

I don't think this is the start, but it has worried me a bit yet about how unprepared we are....must get some stuff prepared in case I do have to go into hospital....

mmmmchocolate Sun 01-Oct-06 12:55:05

My family and i and alot of our friends have had a rotton tummy bug in last few weeks. sickness came on very suddenly and runs, seemed my body wanted rid of any water it was holding. so could be same thing. it lasted 12 hours and then was ok, just bit hungry x

squishy Sun 01-Oct-06 16:47:11

Thanks mmmm, sounds like what I've had - very quick onset and about 14 hours - although I've been slow to eat today, just anxious to avoid being sick again with huge bump (does back no good!!!)

Daniellexo Tue 06-Sep-16 19:50:01

I'm 36+1 and today iv been feeling rotten.. I have been really sick can't keep anything down also have a bit of diheorrea.. My back is really sore and have a very sore burning feeling in my right ribs.. Just don't feel normal atal ☹️

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