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Hot, pink marks on breasts during pregnancy

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Allo Mon 13-Oct-14 17:24:36

I am wondering if anyone has had the same symptoms as me during pregnancy as the doctors seem to be baffled. If so, please let me know what helped!

I am 15 weeks pregnant and have pink marks on both breasts (almost semi circles around each areola, covering up to a third of my breasts) for the past 2 weeks. They're hot, and I am getting sharp stabbing pains in my breasts, and upper back pain but no fever or lumps.

I have tried 3 different antibiotics in case it's a bacterial infection, plus anti fungal cream in case it's thrush, but nothing is helping!

The doctors wonder if it could be hormonal but I think that's just because they've run out of other ideas... Any thoughts?

bellaboo88 Mon 13-Oct-14 21:10:04

Really sorry to hear your in such pain, ive had rather pink/hot breasts myself but thought it was just the growing process. Hope someone's along to advise soon x

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