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rhesus negative blood type

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Jobey0 Thu 09-Oct-14 20:24:22

I have been told by my midwife that i am 0 negative and that i will need anti d injections at 28 and 34 weeks.
She also said that in the meantime if i so much as get a bruise i need an injection within 72hours, i bruise very easily, is this really necessary?

pippinleaf Thu 09-Oct-14 20:28:19

I'm rhesus negative and have to have the jabs but nothing said about bruising, I also bruise easily. This does sound way ott to me...

McKitten84 Thu 09-Oct-14 20:30:14

I am also a negative blood type and had the anti d injections, no worries with them or after effects. But was never told about the bruising, I bruise like a peach and remember having bruises while pregnant and did nothing about them - this was only a year ago. I would double check with your midwife if b it concerns you

Sorehead Thu 09-Oct-14 22:23:45

I've not been told anything about bruising either- just that I'll need one if I have a bleed or a knock to the stomach (eg fall and land on bump)

May be worth giving your midwife a call to make sure there are no crossed wires smile

flopsybunny45 Fri 10-Oct-14 08:25:18

Ditto nothing about bruising. I did bleed at 24 weeks after DTD and had to have an extra injection but DD turned out to be negative too anyhow.

Agree with Sorehead, otherwise you'll be worrying.

Jobey0 Fri 10-Oct-14 11:01:22

Thanks for all your advice has put my mind at rest smile I'm very grateful for all your help x

FloweryBoots Fri 10-Oct-14 13:13:10

I was told any vaginal bleeding or a 'significant' knock to the bump. When my toddler gave me a heafty double footed kick to the bump (he was asleep at the time, he didn't do it on purpose!) I rang to ask if I needed an extra jab and they did ask if it had left a mark or bruise and told me to come in when I said yes.

Borttagen Fri 10-Oct-14 13:20:35

Good advice above but just so you know you don't need the injections at 28 and 34 weeks either unless you had a bleed or bad knock to the bump at that point. It's not standard in other countries and you can refuse

gamerchick Fri 10-Oct-14 13:24:20

Do you need them at all? If your babies dad is negative as well then you won't.

They don't half get stroppy about it though.

OldBeanbagz Fri 10-Oct-14 13:24:53

I'm A- and was never warned about bruising though my pregnancies were 10 and 13 years ago.

I didn't have to have any anti D injection in either pregnancy so i assume that means that both children are negative too?

LittleBairn Fri 10-Oct-14 13:27:39

I would question her superior on the bruise thing that sounds like BS to me.
I have very high risks pregnancies between the last two I had around 10 anti-Ds they were only given when I bled.
I was bruised all over the place from injections in my bum and cannulas and was never given Anti-D for that reason.

LittleBairn Fri 10-Oct-14 13:29:33

There is also very strict protocol about given theses injection due to a lab failure we needed to go through masses of red tape and hospital politics to receive my last Anti-D because the results weren't in on time.

kgatla Tue 11-Nov-14 12:35:39

can someone advice me on blood group A Negative I found out that on my 1st pregnancy yet they where complications because on my second blood group test it came out positive and by then I was giving after birth I never got the anti D injection. now am pregnant again and it was corm firmed that am A how me not getting the anti D after my 1st birth going to affect my babes development because I here their no way you can get a healthy normal baby

NaiceNickname Tue 11-Nov-14 13:16:23

I am AB Negative, and have only had to have the injection at 28 weeks. I am 36 weeks now (2nd successful pregnancy) and was told I only need another before the birth if I have a bad knock to the stomach or fall.

dayspringjubilee Tue 11-Nov-14 14:41:17

I got a small injection of it at 19 weeks after a little knock to my bump (they were being very cautious!) and then a top-up jab at 28 weeks. I think my mw did say I'm getting another at 34. Could be important, my sister had complications with second baby because of Rh. The jab is slightly sorer than a flu jab but worth it for the protection. And it's free!! (As an escaped American, I still can't get over my glee at not paying for stuff on the NHS.) They also gave me a whooping cough vaccination which is quite new. That one was VERY sore for a few days, but the people I know who have had whooping cough say it's nothing you ever want to get.

Valsoldknickers Tue 11-Nov-14 14:54:30

I was told to come into hospital if I experienced a significant bump / impact to my body. I think it might be to do with your blood crossing over to the baby's and it would cause problems if your and the baby's blood types are incompatible. I am not a medic btw.

cadidog Tue 11-Nov-14 15:01:56

I was told it had to be significant knock. The midwife I saw said that if I was in a car accident and my seat belt yanked hard on the bump to come in for an injection. That level of bruising

babyblabber Tue 11-Nov-14 15:53:10

I'm on my third pregnancy & have only ever been told to come in if I fall or am in a car accident or bump get a significant knock. I asked did falling on my ass mean come in (it was very icy during my first pregnancy) & they said no, really only injury to bump they are concerned about. I bruise like a peach so would be in every couple of weeks if that was all that was needed!

In for my 28 week shot tomorrow, no more painful than a normal injection.

Radish9 Tue 11-Nov-14 18:29:26

Don't worry, you can have a perfectly healthy pregnancy! Alert the midwife to it ASAP if she hasn't already mentioned it, and they'll come up with a management plan for you. You'll probably just need a few more anti d injections during this pregnancy, and perhaps an extra scan or 2. They'll keep an eye on you, but should be fine. Good luck and let us know what they suggest for you!

alemci Tue 11-Nov-14 18:36:44

I'm rhesus negative and only remember needing an injection aftet giving birth. i was really cheesed off first time as i had had enough but it was fine.

no mention of bruising ever. 3 babies.

LizzieMint Tue 11-Nov-14 18:44:51

I'm o neg and have had three babies and it was advised to have an extra jab if there was a bleed, a fall or knock to your bump. It's so if there's any damage to the placenta and some of your blood crosses to the baby, it gives the baby protection. My third baby still ended up with rhesus disease, despite all the jabs.

Babytinx11 Tue 11-Nov-14 20:23:05

I'm rheusus negative never heard of needing anti D for bruising �� I should have had tons by now if that was the case but I did have the jab at 28 and when I had DS and will do again in this pregnancy

kgatla Wed 12-Nov-14 10:21:57

@Radish9.thanx that really helps and I will let you guys know how it all went with the midwife.

NancyRaygun Wed 12-Nov-14 15:27:31

Hi there I am Rh neg (A-) and my two DC are A+ so I had to have the Anti D jabs with both.

I am pg with number 3 and in all these dealings with the midwives and doctors no one has ever mentioned bruising!

I had Anti D at 30 something weeks and again after the birth, NO dramas - you'll be fine!

natharley11 Wed 12-Nov-14 15:40:30

im rheusus neg had anti d with ds and this one had injection today.
been told both times that only a significant bump or fall

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