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Unprotected sex 2 days before the Mirena coil was removed..

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Littlefrenchmummy Wed 08-Oct-14 15:40:10

I had unprotected sex 2 days before I had my mirena coil removed... Has anyone done that and fallen pregnant?

laurenamium Wed 08-Oct-14 15:59:36

I had unprotected sex after I had it removed too...but my dating scans have put my EDD to before I had my coil removed so it is possible!

Littlefrenchmummy Wed 08-Oct-14 16:12:19

God really....

My doctor has been against me having it removed even though i was getting really horrible side effects. She has given me appointments to have it removed and then said she wouldn't(!!) this time I had enough and decided to have it out once and for all and just before doing it she asked me about the no sex for a week prior to removal. it was another of her tactics, she knew i would have had sex, she should have told me this before. Im sick of it so I thought id take a chance. Gosh I really hope I dont fall pregnant...

Thanks for replying Laure x x x

laurenamium Wed 08-Oct-14 16:14:55

I think Sperm can live for a few days and as the coil just works as a barrier then if it was removed you could get pregnant. I think the chances are very low though! I'm just very fertile and we were trying anyway smile

Littlefrenchmummy Wed 08-Oct-14 16:16:44

I am very fertile too and right now is not the right time to have another baby.. Congratulations on your pregnancy, I wish you all the best! xxx

wigfieldrocks Wed 08-Oct-14 16:46:31

You are meant to use extra protection for 5 days prior to removal. Are you saying your doctor did ask you and you lied or that she didn't check? Do you still have time to get the morning after pill? I'm very surprised your GP went ahead and took it out if there was a chance you might end up pregnant as a result, regardless of her views on how good the coil is I'm very surprised by this. Sounds like you need to go back and speak to your GP.....

Littlefrenchmummy Wed 08-Oct-14 17:04:43

Wigfield its a long story, I had started by explaining myself in my original post but didn't want to bore anyone. My surgery and doctor have been really unhelpful and rubbish from the start with this coil. They have been messing me around for months, giving me appointments but not booking them, giving me appointments but failing to mention important info (like not having sex 1 week prior to fitting)so I had to go home and book another one and finally after months of this I had my coil fitted.
I subsequently had a really bad reaction to it. Awful nausea, dizziness, terrible spots, mood swings, bloated, headaches that wake me up every night, stomach cramps all the time its been really awful. I let a cycle go by and asked to have it removed and then started again the whole messing me around. This was my 3rd appointment. Each time I went to have it removed she gave me an excuse not to do it ( one of them was no i think you should wait I won't do it today). I told her this time I wanted it out and she said ok that would be no pbm and then today she sprung this on me at the appointment. She never mentioned it before, she could have told me 3 weeks ago ! I guess I could have thought about it but Im not a doctor its not my job to think for her and also I am feeling so unwell from this coil. Its another month to get an appointment with her, no other doctors do it at the surgery, no family planning in the area would do it, I thought Id just take the chance. I thought the chances were very slim..I have 2 beautiful children I have been a rubbish mum over the past few weeks because of this coil, I am sick of it. But I thought Id ask here for reassurance.. I am not reassured and feel terribly guilty now sad

laurenamium Wed 08-Oct-14 17:10:19

Don't feel guilty! It's not your fault if you weren't told about it and if you don't want something in your body then it's entirely up to you! But yes there is a risk you might me pregnant. There's also a chance that you are not!

ButEmilylovedhim Wed 08-Oct-14 17:13:56

I had my copper coil taken out because it was causing terrible cramps and I had had sex the night before. Again hadn't been told not to. The doctor still took it out (very reluctantly, why do they love these blimmimn things so much?!) but prescribed or told me to buy, I forget now, the MAP. Which worked fine.

The MAP works for up to three days, doesn't it, after sex? I should go and get it from a pharmacy to be on the safe side, ASAP. Hope it works out ok OP. Such a nightmare, contraception.

Littlefrenchmummy Wed 08-Oct-14 17:42:20

Thank you for being understanding I will take the MAP. I feel so guilty even though my doctor was being so patronising. Ultimately the choice to lie was mine but I just can't have another month of head aches and cramps and nausea! Anyway, thank you xx

WhyOWhyWouldYou Wed 08-Oct-14 17:50:33

If you dont want another pregnancy, are you still within 72hr time frame for a MAP?

Chances of getting pregnant aren't that high but it is possible if its around ovulation time for you.

WhyOWhyWouldYou Wed 08-Oct-14 17:52:01

Sorry I should have refreshed page before posting, so I didn't end up cross posting with you.

ButEmilylovedhim Wed 08-Oct-14 20:27:24

Did you manage to get it, OP? Thinking of you xx

Littlefrenchmummy Wed 08-Oct-14 20:49:48

No I didn't! My Husband, and I have come down with gastro-enteritis... Straight after posting started feeling ill so asked my husband to go to the pharmacy for me but he was so ill he had to head straight home and I can't move as Im feeling so sick. What are the chances? Would have thrown it up anyway, will go first thing in the morning...

This coil has been such a nightmare ! x

ButEmilylovedhim Wed 08-Oct-14 21:19:44

Ah, you poor things! We've just had it here, so lots and lots of sympathy. It certainly seems to be going round again. I know, it never rains but it pours... Hope you feel loads better soon xx thanks

Lynseyalicia Mon 15-Feb-16 16:15:39

Hi all, I'm just new to this so don't really know what to say but need helpful advice 😊 I had unprotected sex last Monday and had the coil removed on the Tuesday (mirena)

I have had sex since then but only little bit of spotting came away three days ago so I'm not sure if when I'm due my monthly cycle and not sure if I would be pregnant as I took a test today and was negative.
Me and my partner are ttc so any advice will be appreciated from you lovely ladies 😊

sepa Mon 15-Feb-16 16:44:50

I'm unsure as I have never had the coil but it would probably be best to start a new thread in the contraception board as more people there maybe able to help?
Good luck

Muskateersmummy Mon 15-Feb-16 16:48:12

It is possible but it also depends on how long it was in before. My periods didn't return at all after my mirena was removed (no uncommon), I was referred to fertility clinics to get my periods jump started. Fingers crossed for you.

vxhsnk Tue 07-Nov-17 00:12:26

i just got my iud removed today and had sex on saturday and im 7 before ovulating im scared do you think its possible to become pregnant?

Carreen Tue 28-Aug-18 07:15:41

Hi I also have had unprotected sex on Tuesday and had the marina taken out on the Thursday after haveing it in for 6 years I've had a bit of light bleeding but my back is killing me and getting period like pains I was haveing periods every month with the marina so I'm due on end of the month still.dont know if I could fall pregnant as doc said sperm lives for 7 days really worried

Carreen Tue 28-Aug-18 07:17:09

I think it's possible as sperm lives 7 days doc says I'm the same really worried

Shanelle18 Sat 15-Sep-18 09:13:24

Hi all, I had my copper coil removed yesterday as it was causing me pain and I’m hoping the cause of abnormal discharge (anyone else find this) but i had has sex the night before as wasn’t told not too. At first they refused to remove it but I could be bothered trying to get more time off work and being uncomfortable any longer so she gave me the Ellaone MAP, I had to then go to bed at 9pm last night due to feeling very dizzy and cold but had a really high temperature. I’m hoping that the MAP will work as not ready just now for a baby. She has told me to use protection for a week then start on the mini pill but to do a pregnancy test in 3 weeks. Has anyone used the Ellaone MAP before? Xx

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