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30+4 in hospital, Bp all over the place!

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piazilla Mon 06-Oct-14 04:41:17

Not sure why I'm posting really...looking for stories of positive outcomes I suppose!
I've been on Bp meds for slightly raised Bp since week 22ish. The dosage was raised slightly last week due to Bp rising again. Yesterday felt exhausted and had a persistent headache. Got Bp checked in pharmacy ( silly in hindsight) and it was through the roof.
Since then I've been in a whirlwind! I feel like my hasty knee jerk reaction may have to similar in the hospital! Ob was off so I was told to go straight to l&d. Bp is back to normal, ctg looks good, but slight protein in urine.
I was admitted overnight and given steroids for babies lungs ( just in case) . Just had Bp taken first thing this morning and it is now toooooi low! I am super thirsty too! Waiting for ob to shed some light about the next steps but that could be hours away. And on top of it all, I'm being observed by my bosses in classroom observations some time in the next three days starting tomorrow .... I feel like I'm not up to all of this!!confused

tomanyanimals Mon 06-Oct-14 07:44:20

I'm the other way no high bp just silly low, do you have pre eclampsia?
Hopefully you will get some answers today sounds silly but try to relax and not stress work will have to re arrange as even if you do come out of hospital I would think they would advise rest I am not allowed to do anything and can only work from home now because as soon as I get stressed no drops and I pass out which isn't much fun.

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