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Well here comes my pregnancy come-uppance...

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twiglett Fri 09-Apr-04 21:53:17

message withdrawn

Lisa78 Fri 09-Apr-04 21:55:30

just wait till baby comes and you can see all the stretch marks hiding under your bump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I used Avent body lotion, stopped me getting anymore with my second - mind you, no room for any more after no 1!!!!

libb Fri 09-Apr-04 21:56:56

Me too . . . . just one little one at the moment, despite the Avent Moisturing Oil gubbins I've been slathering on! I'm 36 weeks and feeling pretty peeved to be honest!

Just 4 ruddy weeks to go too.

Lisa78 Fri 09-Apr-04 22:09:48

You could insist on being induced

libb Fri 09-Apr-04 22:12:04

Ooh, Twiglett and I could go in on the same day!

I have to admit it would solve the "novelty wearing off" phase I am going through . . .

nightowl Fri 09-Apr-04 23:48:54

I had loads when pg with ds but none this time wierd is that? i didnt do anythinbg to prevent them cus i just assumed theyd be back again, but no.

littlemissbossy Fri 09-Apr-04 23:53:57

twiglett, i too was the smug one who had no stretch marks, even my midwife had commented that i had none, not even underneath the bump. so what was my secret ... £3 tube of cream from mothercare ... problem being that as soon as i had delivered ds, stopped using it and almost overnight 2 appeared! i could not believe it!!! so my advice to you - carry on doing what you've been doing and if at all possible continue after the birth. good luck!

Ghosty Sat 10-Apr-04 00:37:41

Twiglett ...
I was exactly like you ... very smug about no stretch marks in first pregnancy (10lb baby) then very smug again in second pregnancy ... (again huge bump) until 38 weeks when my poor tummy said, "Can't take it anymore" and I got 4 big stretch marks that looked like quotation marks - 2 on each hip ... Not surprising considering that DD was 10lbs and 10oz!
9 and a half weeks on they have already started to fade ... so don't dispair!!!
To be honest I am quite proud of them in a strange way ... a sign of the loving sacrifices we mums make for carrying our babies ...
God ... still very hormonal obviously ....

WideWebWitch Sat 10-Apr-04 11:10:12

You can't (minimise them I mean). I was the same Twiglett, none in first pregnancy (but was aged 30 and baby was only 7lb) and loads this time round (but was 37 and baby was 9lb 8oz). They'll go I reckon, eventually, although I still have mine 18 weeks later. But hey, maybe that's because I'm still fat?

Flip Sat 10-Apr-04 11:17:31

Very smug - 2 pregnancy's and not a single stretch mark with either. I didn't use any creams with either pregnancy. But I did have smallish babies. 5lb 15oz and 6lb 5oz.

SpringChicken Tue 13-Apr-04 10:13:51

OH NO! I am in complete dispear now

My damn pregnancy book has been lying to me! It said that it is around 28 weeks when stretchmarks appear and is likely that if you don't have any by this time then you wont get them..................I only have 4 more days to go until 28 weeks! Don't tell me i still might get them


Fennel Tue 13-Apr-04 10:17:25

am 40+1 weeks into 3rd pregnancy and big babies (9lb and 8lb) and no stretch marks. have never used oil.

Please can I be smug now?

(you have to be nice to me cos I'm overdue, I've got to have something to be happy about).

M2T Tue 13-Apr-04 10:18:47

SC - I was another smug pregnant woman last time and didn't get ANY until 36wks!! Might have been sooner but they were under my bump at my bikini line..... and at that stage I wasn't able to look down there much!!!

They really do fade lots though and I can't say I notice them.

emmatmg Tue 13-Apr-04 10:19:45

SP, sorry but with DS1 I didn't get stretch marks until I was on maternity leave and I left work at 36 weeks.

hope I haven't spoiled you day

oliveoil Tue 13-Apr-04 10:21:31

I did a thread on this recently, didn't get any marks with dd AND I had a huge comedy bump and she was 9lb 10. Got 2 tiny ones round my belly button in the last few weeks (sorry Springchick!).

However, these teenies seem to be spreading and I studied them yesterday and they seem to be going blue . Only 22 weeks as well. Dh said 'never mind it doesn't matter you are married now'. Not sure if I should take this as a compliment or not.

emmatmg Tue 13-Apr-04 10:21:33

SC even not SP

SpringChicken Tue 13-Apr-04 11:27:46

Oh dear - that's the bit i am worrying about under my bump! i can see a thing down there, might get a mirror out when i get home and just double check there aren't any there yet.

Have got stretchmarks already on hips from where i put alot of weight on going on the pill but really really don't want them all over my tummy!
Have never had the nicest stomach in the world and didn't particulaly show it off but wouldn't want to be confined to knee length tops for the rest of my life

M2T Tue 13-Apr-04 11:31:36

SC - Under the bump stretchmarks are always well hidden anyway.... I did see a girl with them from her ribs alllllll the way down to the bottom of her bump. After ds was born there wasn't a hope of me EVER exposing my tummy in public! In fact, before that I had never worn a bikini anyway so it doesn't bother me too much. DH has never noticed them.

SpringChicken Tue 13-Apr-04 11:32:40

that should say "i can't see a thing"!

Really must preview before posting.

M2T Tue 13-Apr-04 11:33:12

Meant to add that in hindsight I should've spent more time doing pelvic floor exercises than worrying about stretchmarks! I'd rather have an incredibly stripy tummy than have to cross my legs every time I laugh/cough/sneeze!

twiglett Tue 13-Apr-04 11:36:36

message withdrawn

sweetkitty Tue 13-Apr-04 15:28:43

I looked in horror under my bump last night only to realise it was marks from where my joggy bottoms had been.

I asked DP if he was bothered if I get stretchmarks and he said no but I would be put off by saggy boobs. To which I replied your boobs are starting to head south anyway that shut him up. Men!

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