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egypt Tue 26-Sep-06 20:53:47

This is my second pregnancy and with my first I had tightenings (don't like to call them BHs so early on) from near on 20 weeks, which doc said was very unusual. I never realised thats what they were until i crashed my car at 24 weeks and started having them every few mins in casualty so spent the night on the maternity ward, which is when i told them that i had had these tightenings for a few weeks now. i think they thought i was a bit strange or lying.... anyway...

I am now 14 weeks and woke up this morning with the same strong tightenings of the uterus. i couls see the shape of it from my pubic bone to belly button, rock hard and felt just like in the first pregnancy. Isn't this unusually early to get this? I'm hoping its not a sign of something i dont want to think about.. no pain though, just tight and pushing out. anyone experienced the same?


noonar Tue 26-Sep-06 20:58:16

Ok, at the risk of giving you slightly too much info, i had post orgasmic tightenings really early on, which were very scary

buktus Tue 26-Sep-06 20:58:17

no i had tightenings from about 32 weeks sounds like you should check it out with your gp or midwife though i have never heard of this so early, sorry cant help more keeping bumping the thread i am sure someone can helkp you

egypt Tue 26-Sep-06 21:03:26

hmm noonar, have those too. in fact i had woken from a 'dream' ahem, not that it was orgasmic, but ykwim.!

seeing midwife next week.

ja9 Tue 26-Sep-06 21:07:00

i'm sure i read somewhere that you have these practice (practise?) contractions approx every 20 mins from vey early on in your preg. i was aware of them from about 16 weeks last preg. i don't think it's anything to worry about.

noonar Tue 26-Sep-06 21:07:04

they are normal in that kind of 'situation' but not often mentioned in preg books. had to research quite a bit to check if it was normal. i was worried for a while and avoided sex but still had sexy dreams

does everyone girl have them , or am i just lucky?? (that's probably another thread...)

egypt Tue 26-Sep-06 21:11:34

noonar, lots of my friends had 'them' too! i did last time (the dreams that is!)

anyway, have done a search on mumsnet and found people mentioning having them from 12, 15 and 26 weeks. someone said the same as you, ja9, that you have them from early on but not many people notice them. the one with bh's from 12 weeks was not believed by her midwife until one was caught on a scan, so maybe it could be so. i'm def not mistaking these though. a hard tightening where your stomach sticks right out and rock hard.

egypt Tue 26-Sep-06 21:12:18

i meant 12, 15 and 16 wks

egypt Tue 26-Sep-06 21:14:28

found this so maybe just feeling what is normal.

MumRum Tue 26-Sep-06 21:17:04

I had them really early on as well from about 12 weeks I'd say.... I remember being at an anti natal appointment and it happening and asking the midwife what it was and she said braxton hicks.... I'd never heard of them before!
just wondering are you slim... maybe this would emphasis it more?

egypt Tue 26-Sep-06 21:20:56

ooo thanks MumRum. have also just read on the net that a full bladder can trigger one and i did have when woke up this morning. also says sex noonar!

cyberminger Wed 27-Sep-06 14:57:20

Hi egypt. I was aware of them with DS1 from 15 weeks, and everyone thought I was loony. Then certain it was them at 12 weeks with DS2, and nobody argued this time. I'm not in anyway skinny though - just think perhaps some folk feel them earlier than others.
Just in case it happens to you too, they drove me a bit nuts towards the end - both babies overdue, and anytime I did any exercise they'd get more intense so I thought labour was imminent. If this does happen, have a hot bath for 1/2 hour and if they slow down/get less intense, it's not labour. Just seen it's your second though, so you won't need any advice there!

FaithL Wed 27-Sep-06 15:03:50

i've been having them too from about 16 weeks - especially common after orgasm!! which can kind of take the edge of the whole experience

Piffle Wed 27-Sep-06 15:04:43

yep I had BH's from 16 weeks in preg no 2
I have noticed the erm post org tightenings already and I'm 14 weeks as well

egypt Wed 27-Sep-06 17:13:05

thanks so much. nice to know i'm not abnormal and that its perfectly ok. not happened since really, only sometimes think i'm mildly aware of a tightening but nothing like the other day. they did drive me mad towards the end of the preg with dd so i'm expecting much of the same this time. and she was 11 days late!

custardthighs Tue 27-Oct-09 09:05:52

I'm having these at the moment. I'm 11 weeks 6 days from lmp. I never had these this early with my other four kids, no way! I was looking it up as I didn't know if it wa a sign of miscarriage or what being this early on.

Sarahlou8 Tue 27-Oct-09 11:52:30


I'm 12 weeks pg with my 3rd. I haven't felt them yet but with both the others had them very early (15 weeks onwards) until the end, they were so strong I couldn't walk upright! Needing the loo definitely made them worse and at the end I didn't dare go out!
All ended well though and I was told nothing to worry about. It does make you wonder though, I have friends who have had children and haven't a clue what I mean, some people just don't get them - lucky things!!

Sarahlou8 Tue 27-Oct-09 11:55:46

Just noticed the date on this thread, Sept 06 - oops!!

thedollshouse Tue 27-Oct-09 11:59:20

Custardthighs, when I went for my 12 week scan the songrapher said I was having lots of braxton hicks. I had them early with ds as well.

Wigsy Tue 27-Oct-09 22:30:46

Yes - I had them really early with my first pregnancy and with this one too, beginning at 13 or 14 weeks. First pregnancy was perfectly healthy, and this one - 23 weeks now - is perfectly healthy too, so don't worry.

custardthighs Thu 29-Oct-09 02:44:01

Ahh good stuff. Thanx for the reassurance. So strange how different pregnancies can be.

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