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Pregnant with pcos and 2 previous miscarriages, scared!

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TheWildOnes Sat 20-Sep-14 15:37:36

I have just found out im pregnant (literally 5 minutes ago) although I have had some suspicions the last week or 2. Havent even told DH yet as he isnt home from work.
I have pcos and although I get pregnant easily I dont seem to be able to stay pregnant, my last miscarriage was in June at 15 weeks.
I am due to have tests next month and scans regarding the pcos, I assume this will have to be cancelled.
I am dreading getting moaned at by my doctor for getting pregnant so quick.
Anyone else suffer with pcos and manage safe full term pregnancy after miscarriage?
I am trying not to get too excited in case it all goes wrong again.

LIG1979 Sat 20-Sep-14 16:32:25

Welldone wildone. I had two mc and a pcos diagnosis during a scan during the 1st mc. I then got pg for a 3rd time and this time it stuck and I got my lovely dd.

I was waiting to see a consultant but the appointment was about 3 weeks after the bfp-typically.

In my sucessful pregnancy, I self medicated with progesterone cream and baby aspirin and it seemed to help. I had been tracking my cycles to see when I ovulated (as had very long cycles ) and my luteal phase seemed short (8/9 days )so the progesterone helped to lengthen it by a day or so and so I just kept on taking it till 12 weeks.

The link between mc and pcos seems to be a bit unofficial and all the drs and fertility nurses said it wasn't related but I read that the hormone imbalance can cause up to 40% of pregnancies to miscarry. But that does mean that 60% make it.

I hope this time it works out for you.

TheWildOnes Sat 20-Sep-14 17:22:29

Thanks for the advice LIG, will do some research on the cream and baby aspirin.

RetiredOBGYN Sat 20-Sep-14 23:03:10

I took care of a pregnant young woman with similar condition. The third pregnancy was fine and she went on to have healthy baby. Although stressful, try to relax .Good luck .

Frecklefire Tue 30-Dec-14 23:06:35

I am really hoping that despite being a few months later someone will pick this up and respond with some support. Firstly, i am lucky to have an incredible 17 month old baby, but i am 40 in February and i feel my chances of having another child are slipping away from me. In the past 6 months i have had 2 miscarriges, first one at 6 weeks, second at 7 weeks. I have just found out that i am pregnant again and i am really worried that i am going to miscarry again. I don't even really want to tell my husband as i feel quite faitalistic about it and don't want to get his hopes up. I have an appointment with a consultant in 2 weeks to discuss my fertility. I seem to fall pregnant at the drop of a hat, but sometime around the time the placenta is supposed to kick in i seem to loose the pregnancy. Having done a bit of research i strongly suspect issues of pcos. I do have regular periods but i am overweight, get facial hair and experience breakthrough bleading mid cycle (just b4 ovulation) I also had gestational diabetes with my son. I think my level of progesterone might be low and after my last pregnancy the scan said my uterus was 'bulky'. Hopefully these issues will be explored by the consultant, but what can i do to protect this pregnancy now, and not loose another hopeful chance??? I've read of taking progesterone pescaries and taking baby asprin - can i do any harm by trying these possible preventions? Please, does anyone have any advice?

SilverStars Wed 31-Dec-14 09:47:43

The NHS advice I was given was to start baby aspirin at 12 weeks with this pregnancy but 3 yrs ago they recommended at 8 weeks. I do not have pcos but other issues we identified via private testing ( blood clotting NK cells etc). I used progesterone from Bfp on prescription from private fertility consultant until 12 weeks if that helps.
Hope all ok.

Number3cometome Wed 31-Dec-14 09:57:16

Yes!! 3 mc's (all early), then DC1, then DC2 now 10+4 with DC3

It is possible and you can have a healthy and happy child.

Please try not to worry too much - when I had my early scan with DC2 my left ovary was completely cystic. When I had an early scan with my DC3 a couple of weeks ago I was told that there are now no longer any cysts on my left ovary, but a new one on the right.

I defo think a decent diet and excercise helps, not much fun, but does reduce symptoms.

TheWildOnes Wed 31-Dec-14 10:51:08

Frecklefire I took baby aspirin until i was about 13 weeks in the end as well as pregnancy vitamins. I am now 19 weeks pregnant and so far all is well. A lot of your post reads just like my situation so i have my fingers crossed for you.

I have been very anxious the whole time but i bought myself a doppler so when im having a panic i can do a quick check for the heartbeat and my mind is put at rest. I have found it really hard to discuss this pregnancy as i was so sure something would go wrong and we havent even told many people yet.

Number3cometome Wed 31-Dec-14 11:54:19


when did you start using the doppler from? I'm half scared half keen on getting one!

I am also on baby aspirin.

TheWildOnes Wed 31-Dec-14 13:15:01

I bought it after my 16 week appointment and have been able to find it almost every time. Its a great thing to have as long as you dont obsess or stress if you cant pick anything up. There are some great youtube videos that show where you should be looking. For me it has been amazing at putting my mind at rest.

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