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Anyone else had this?

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Sahkoora Wed 17-Sep-14 10:27:58

I'm 35+3 and when I saw the mw last she said that baby had dropped almost all of the way into my pelvis.

Now I feel very uncomfortable when I sit down, almost like I'm sitting on something! Got a constant ache in my cervix too. Could this mean he has dropped all the way down?

My last two were late and DS1 was still bloody transverse at this stage so I don't remember feeling anything like this before. Could this mean baby might come early?

I've had loads of strong BH too! Just wondering if I ought to get the rest of my bag packed!

loudarts Wed 17-Sep-14 10:32:25

Sounds like you could be fully engaged but doesn't necessarily mean baby will be here early. Ds2 was fully engaged at 36 weeks but came 2 weeks late

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