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bad cravings!!

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Amy990 Wed 03-Sep-14 13:22:23

Hi I'm looking for some advice , please be nice.
Ive got such a strong craving for pink Lucozade, ive been trying to limit myself to a small bottle every other day but I'm struggling. I know its full of glucose which is why I'm trying to stay away. Anyone know how bad it actually is In pregnancy? Internet isn't helping much.

Figster Wed 03-Sep-14 13:25:23

cant help on the old lucozade sorry but I had massive craving for vinegar for while and ate lots of chips and salt and vinegar crisps then it was marshmallows over the last few weeks I had an overflowing drawer of flumps at work. Only lasting damage is the raging sweet tooth i now have and cant get under control.

Hope someone can help.

squizita Wed 03-Sep-14 16:10:31

Have you any reason to be worried about GD? If not, I doubt very much a bottle every other day is doing the slightest bit of harm.
To put it bluntly I have seen people scoffing chocolate and lecturing others on fizzy drinks. It's ridiculous.

If it posed an actual danger, there would be a warning on the bottle and it would be on the NHS forbidden list.

squizita Wed 03-Sep-14 16:15:24

...and don't google.

The internet LOVES saying fizzy drinks will melt our insides. I don't even drink them (not a very sweet toothed person ... when not pregnant, at the moment I crave milkshake!) very often but I do get hmm at some of the silly, scary rumours.
These examples of fake rumours are about cola but you see what I mean about why not to just google! ...add the fact every conspiracy theory weirdo out there LOVES to scare pregnant ladies and tell them they're bad... and googling is the WORST thing! grin

Between mumsnet and the NHS website you should be OK.

Jenninlw Wed 03-Sep-14 16:38:10

I craved the original lucozade during first trimester. I literally could not drink anything else as it made me feel sick, even water! Lucozade was only thing that cut it. It went away after about 14 weeks but have loads of the stuff here left over now as I haven't wanted a bottle since. Only issue for me was I piled weight on as I drank a couple of bottles a day and it's very high in calories!

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