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Anyone else pregnant and RIDICULOUSLY hungry?

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ThereMustAndShallBeTea Wed 03-Sep-14 12:48:09

Don't remember this from previous pregnancies but omg the insatiable hunger, and I'm only 7 weeks. Anyone else had this?

wawabear Wed 03-Sep-14 13:03:39

I'm 6 + 4 and just the opposite.

I can't face loads of the things I used to love. I don't have cravings as such but right now I could live on potatoes (in all their forms), strawberries and Yeo Valley Vanilla Yoghurt... oh and despite all that I have still put weight on when my pregnant friends on Facebook are filling their faces and losing weight! Yay!

ThereMustAndShallBeTea Wed 03-Sep-14 13:17:30

Yep, I lost weight during the first trimester last time - in fact I finally got back to my pre-baby weight grin All I wanted to eat was fruit and cereal.

This time I've gone jazz: I've just consumed half a jar of anchovies, several spoonfuls of almond butter, quarter of a melon, a chocolate caramel biscuit bar and a crumpet with melted cheese. This is just while I wait for DS to wake up so we can have lunch.

Roseblossom2 Thu 04-Sep-14 11:04:09

I spent 5 months on diet chef, lost weight and got down to a size 14. Just to find out I'm pregnant! what a waste of money smile 20w and I'm already a 16-18... oops! I wake up so hungry I feel ill until I've stuffed my face. Constant fruit and sugar cravings, then straight after I need carbs. Food food food! lol

PuppyMummy Thu 04-Sep-14 13:01:40

I was! ridiculously hungry for the first trimester and then quite hungry for the rest of it!

not good as I put on 4 stone! next time ill try and eat more healthy stuff, far too many puddings eaten!

skyra13 Thu 04-Sep-14 13:22:17

I sometime feel that I'm not having a normal pregnancy I seen everyone saying they are so hungry or they have morning sickness I have nothing!

I'm not hungry I never seem to fancy anything i eat because i have to but i just don't feel hungry maybe my baby is living on my fat reserves lol

I have taken a disliking to lamb the smell is vile! I wish i was stuffing my face with all sort of goodies i just cant seem to face it I'm 9 weeks at the moment.

I sometimes feel sick when i look at food as well but not been sick or not really bothered me to the point of it annoying me.

I must be lucky i guess, id enjoy it while you can good excuses to eat what you want!

I do miss my raw steak though sad

Pico2 Thu 04-Sep-14 13:25:05

I've been really hungry. Last time I felt a bit sick and lost weight in the first trimester. This time I'm just hungry and now have a bit of a bump, not from the baby, just from stuffing my face.

beccajoh Thu 04-Sep-14 13:29:15

I was ravenous through both my pregnancies and was constantly eating. Genuinely baffled as to why I needed so many calories and where it all went as I only gained 11kg each time and both my babies were dinky (6.8lbs and 6lbs).

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