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Jaw/ tooth ache

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TheBuggerlugs Wed 03-Sep-14 11:56:12

Currently 33w pregnant and 2 weeks ago I started with awful jaw and tooth ache. I was very run down due to being anaemic and a trip to the dentist ruled out infection and showed the likely cause to be teeth grinding and jaw clenching due to being over tired. At the time I was signed off sick due to the low iron and returned to work after a week feeling quite chipper.

Las night the dreaded jaw ache returned and I've had sod all sleep. I've taken the full quota of paracetamol allowed in the last 24 hours and feel very sorry for myself. I'm exhausted and eating or speaking is agony. Just sitting here hurts.

I have another week at work until mat leave. How the hell can I get through it? I'm working at home today but am due in the office tomorrow. Please tell me it will go again sad

TheBuggerlugs Wed 03-Sep-14 15:56:19

No one?!

Sleepyhoglet Wed 03-Sep-14 18:29:16


Sleepyhoglet Wed 03-Sep-14 18:30:04

Take a day off. If it isn't to do with pregnancy mat leave won't kick in

TheBuggerlugs Wed 03-Sep-14 18:38:59

I think it's linked to my sinuses as I've had rhinitis pretty much the whole pregnancy. I worked from home today and have asked my boss if I can do the same tomorrow to no reply (emailed him).

I spoke to my dentist who advised me to speak to my GP who advised me (via the receptionist) to speak to the pharmacist who won't let me take anything other than paracetamol without the GP say I'm basically in limbo land and still in pain.

Penguin13 Wed 03-Sep-14 19:25:37

If the issue is muscular tension or sinuses you may find that facial massage helps a little. My H gets sinus pain and it always seems to help him. If you have an oil to hand that is ideal but moisturiser will work too. Try some soothing small circular strokes over the whole of your jaw, use your thumbs to gently stroke outwards across your cheeks underneath the hollows in your cheekbones. If the pressure doesn't cause too much pain you can alternate this with gently pressing your thumbs into these same hollows at intervals. There is also an indentation either side of your nostrils. If you apply gentle pressure here for a few seconds this seems to help open the nasal passages (not sure how but it works for me when I have a cold!) Other soothing/tension relieving strokes include gently pinching along your eyebrows, thumb strokes out along the forehead and some people love having their earlobes massaged and pulled (i do! ) even better of course if you can persuade a loving partner to do all this for you but hope it helps.

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