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worried about cramps 24 weeks

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Chloris33 Wed 03-Sep-14 11:41:12

Today, at 24 weeks, I've suddenly got period pain like cramps. They are not severe, and they are not like sharp pains or contractions but like dull achey pain very much like period pain. I can function with them, but I am worried whether it is normal/ok to have them at this stage in the pregnancy? Anyone else have this? I had them in early pregnancy, which I know is normal, but then not again until today. I'm going to try to rest and drink water and see if it improves. Also, I don't know who to call for advice. My blue folder has a phone number to the maternity but it says it is for urgent things. I don't think I have a number for my midwife?

cheshirem2b Wed 03-Sep-14 11:44:57

I would imagine it is just growing pains or similar. I get occasional twinges when baby is having a growth spurt which are similar to the aches of period pain. If you are worried call the number you use to book mw appointment and ask for the number for the community mw team and give them a call.

farfallarocks Wed 03-Sep-14 11:47:16

Call the number they won't mind and better safe than sorry. Am sure it's just stretching.

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