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polyhydramnios at 30 weeks pregnant.... anxious!!!

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clairebabes89 Wed 03-Sep-14 09:38:27

hello, im new to this so please bare with me =) just wanting some advice/reassurance off others members who have experienced this!
i had a 4d private scan at 28 weeks and was told to contact hosp as my amniotic fluid level was higher than normal. afi reading of 31! i contacted hosp and they said not to worry and wait for a consultant appointment in two weeks time. a day before my appointment i had some browny discharge first thing in the morning so i rang hosp and they asked me to go in to be checked over. baby has been scanned and monitored and no problema found, also no more bleeding! they said i have an irritated uterus due to excess fluid, and my afi has now gone upto 40! i am only 30+3 weeks. theyve given me steroid injections and told me to relax at home,as they expect this baby to come early!
now i am so anxious of waters breaking, every twinge im worrying. im booked in for another scan next week. anyone else had similar readings and made it to 37 weeks plus? im so achey and fed up now.
thanks =) xxx

insanityscratching Wed 03-Sep-14 09:47:52

I had polyhydraminos discovered at 32 weeks (probably because that was first time I had seen a midwife for six weeks rather than it only occurring then tbh) I think my afi reading was 26 to 34. Dd arrived at term plus three following my waters breaking in a somewhat spectacular fashion whilst laughing with my teenage ds and his friends, never before or since have a group of teenagers exited so quickly grin

clairebabes89 Wed 03-Sep-14 09:51:58

thanks for your reply! did they tell u to expect your baby early? i guess its down to how much my body can take, and no one can predict that! was baby born well and healthy? have been scared by googling causes of poly... but hosp have said no problems can be found.

insanityscratching Wed 03-Sep-14 14:58:36

Dd was my fifth baby they did say to expect her sooner rather than later but she was three days late anyway. I think having already carried four babies my uterus was probably more accommodating. I was huge by the time she was born but it was mostly water. Expect to pee a lot afterwards lol and within a fortnight I was back to my normal before pregnancy size.
Dd had extra scans because it can be an indicator of swallowing problems so they check for cleft pallet but she was clear. Dd was born fit and well weighing 7lb 8oz, she has autism and polyhydraminos can be a marker for neurological problems but ds has autism too and I didn't have polyhydraminos with him.
Have you been checked for gestational diabetes as that is the more common cause for polyhydraminos?

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