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Early scan questions

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TippetyTapWriter Tue 02-Sep-14 21:24:41

Hi, just wondering if anyone had any experience of early scans? This is my first time doing any of this so totally clueless. I had my GP appointment today after finding out last week that I'm pregnant. We've been trying for about 18 months and I've had two early miscarriages (at 5 weeks) in that time. The GP referred me for a dating ultrasound which will be next week. However, at most I'll only be 7 weeks pregnant on that day, but more likely 6 ... I'm guessing I'm being sent for an early scan because of the early miscarriages and because I've been having very painful cramps for the last week. And the dating scan will be useful because this pregnancy was conceived directly after my last miscarriage and I didn't get a BFP until I was 9 days late for my period (counting my cycle from day 1 of the mc). So that's why I'm not really sure how "pregnant" I am! I'm guessing I probably ovulated late, maybe by a week.

Anyway, I guess what I'm asking is whether 6 weeks is too early for a dating scan and should I try to rearrange it for a couple of weeks later. And if I have this scan now, does that mean I don't get one at 12 weeks? Thanks in advance for any help.

Ducky23 Tue 02-Sep-14 21:32:41

I had a scan at 6 weeks smile I think they're more for reassurance at this stage than dating, they put me a week behind what I thought I was, I then had a scan at 9 weeks and then one at 12 weeks where they moved me forward to a week ahead of what I thought i was smile

You can't really see much but I was able to see a heartbeat, they thought I was 6+2 then

Ducky23 Tue 02-Sep-14 21:32:55

And congratulations! grin

flopsybunny45 Tue 02-Sep-14 21:40:47

I had an early scan at 7 weeks with DC1... we could see a heartbeat and the shape of a little bean! She is now a healthy 1yo. We still had the usual dating scan at 12w and the date only moved by 2 days (forward) from the early scan.

Good luck!

RiverRocks Tue 02-Sep-14 21:49:11

Hey Tippety,firstly congratulations flowers. I had an early scan at 6+4 and they gave me an estimated date (which was the same as my own calculations) based on the measurements, and found the heartbeat. They will still scan me at 12 weeks to date me again.

pippinleaf Tue 02-Sep-14 22:23:30

It's more for reassurance at six weeks. I had one, for the same miscarriage reasons as you, they saw a heartbeat and said i was five weeks pregnant. I knew this was wrong and that I was six so I spent the next three weeks worrying that something was wrong. I had another scan at nine weeks, because I think they also thought something might be wrong, and at that scan we were all agreed it was nine weeks. It wasn't until 12 week scan that they gave me an estimated delivery date. Good luck. It was lovely seeing the heartbeat but apparently quite normal not to at such an early stage so don't panic if they don't. If they don't, they'll ask you in for another one quite soon to reassure you, they won't make you wait until 12 weeks.

TippetyTapWriter Tue 02-Sep-14 22:59:59

Thanks everyone. It's so helpful to hear from others in the same boat. The NHS info etc is OK but it's so generic it doesn't really help much with these odd kind of questions.

I think I will be terrified on the day of the scan. Half expect them to turn around and laugh at me for thinking I'm pregnant! But if I even get to next week without another early mc I'll take that as a plus.

Good luck to everyone xx

wawabear Wed 03-Sep-14 06:24:32

Congratulations! I had one at 4 weeks as I was getting funny pains. They had to do a transvaginal scan which involved a long thin probe. It didn't hurt at all and we were able to see the egg sac with a little yoke.

Good luck, hope all goes well for you flowers xx

Roseylee20 Wed 03-Sep-14 08:57:40

Hi everyone I'm new to the site but have been reading threads for weeks from Google.
First of all congratulations and I know how you are feeling as I have had 2 mc and I'm currently pg, apparently around 7 weeks, and have my first early scan tomorrow. Early scans are completely normal, I requested mine due to spotting. I have had early scans in my other pg aswell. Occasionally at 5/6 weeks they won't be able to see much on the scan, and may book you another one for a couple of weeks later. Both my previous scans have been internal which 'wawabear' described. Slightly uncomfortable but ok. Good luck x

TippetyTapWriter Wed 10-Sep-14 19:39:05

Hope people don't mind me replying to an old thread, but I thought I'd give an update on how my scan went. So I had it today, when according to the date of my mc and my normal cycle I should be 7+1, but the scan shows I'm 5+2. It seems I must have ovulated about 2 weeks late! We got to see a heartbeat even though it was so early, which was great, though surreal. I haven't taken it all in to be honest and I'm trying not to get too excited as I know it's early days - and much earlier days than I thought it would be! Both my early mc happened at 5 weeks so I'm not really far past that point. I have another scan in two weeks which should be 7 weeks, so fingers crossed for then.

Do you think it's normally to ovulate really late after an early mc? I didn't after the first one and my cycles are normally a very regular 28 days. Hopefully it is just late ovulation and not anything bad with the bean not growing as it should. Anyway, I guess only time will tell. What a crazily anxious time! Oh and I didn't have to have an internal scan, which was a bit of a relief to be honest! I guess the lateness could also explain why I haven't had any morning sickness or other symptoms so far (other than sore boobs and cramps).

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