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Hair and Skin - help me temporarily not look like a hag

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Marshpillow Tue 02-Sep-14 19:21:39

Hi peeps,

I am 10+3, and I am getting married in just over two weeks and I currently look like a ballbag. My already thick hair is so frizzy and wiry, and my skin is both greasy/spotty and dry. MAGIC. Does anyone have any tried and tested products they could recommend to combat these things? Hoping to not spend a fortune but I am willing to consider almost anything so I don't look too horrendous on my wedding day.

squizita Tue 02-Sep-14 19:35:00

Not a product but I found steaming my skin, and using a flannel to gently give myself a facial massage (YouTube it) helped with combination skin.
I also used a teenage tea tree moisturiser.

FX it recovers soon though: mine improved about week 12. smile

Marshpillow Tue 02-Sep-14 19:39:03

Cool thank you, I will give that a go!

curiousjess Tue 02-Sep-14 20:01:43

I feel for you! I am having major skin issues at 9 weeks. I had a facial the other day with extraction (important bit so they clear the pores) and it was £40 well spent. My skin feels much better and a few days on and it is looking much better. I went for a Dermalogica facial so may be worth finding a salon close to you that does them. For your dry hair, have you tried a hair oil? Drench it in it, sleep with it in then wash? Boots do a body and hair oil for about £10. Otherwise, maybe get a hair treatment from a hairdresser if you're having it done as wedding prep.

Good luck and happy wedding day.

Chunderella Tue 02-Sep-14 20:45:27

It's such a nightmare isn't it? I'm all spotty now, was spotty and blotchy last time, and hair has gone like rats tails. And everything just feels really oversensitised. Unfortunately I have no advice to offer as I rocked the ballbag look throughout my last pregnancy and appear to be going that route again. But good luck!

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