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Amazing & supportive DH

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hartmel Tue 02-Sep-14 19:12:06

Well I want to post something nice about my DH!
He is the most amazing and supportive husband!

Somehow he had the feeling he needed to stay home today from work! Well his feeling was right!

I have a lot of Braxton hicks today! My entire breakfast went down the loo (sorry for tmi) I haven't been sick in this pregnancy since 10 weeks!
I have PGP!! Feel dizzy and have a headache! Also I feel very thirsty but the thought of water or anything to drink makes me gag!

Well my DH is watching DS (who is 11 1/2 month old) he dropped all his work he had planned to do around the house and just concentrates on DS. Is cooking today! grin
And cleaned the kitchen!

Oh and I'm 32+3 weeks pregnant

Just wanted to share it!

Lagoonablue Tue 02-Sep-14 19:16:12

If you are that pregnant, dizzy and thirsty then suggest you phone the hospital for a check up. Don't want to alarm you but pre eclampsia starts like that.

Your DH sounds lovely btw. Good luck!

hartmel Wed 03-Sep-14 01:52:09

Went to see the doctor!
Either he had no clue about pregnancy or he had no clue about being a doctor in general!

He saw how I struggled, my blood pressure was 91/66 and when he listened to baby's heart beat he guessed at the end (looked like he isn't good in math either)
While waiting (one hour) I had min 8 Braxton hicks..

Told him everything. Guess what he just told me take some pain killers and wait it out!!!

RiverRocks Wed 03-Sep-14 07:11:56

That sounds a bit rubbish , hartmel. Can you see a different doctor? Do you have a walk in centre? Otherwise I'd consider calling the midwife. Always better to speak to someone who knows what the fluff they're doing and be reassured flowers

hartmel Wed 03-Sep-14 11:35:13

That was actually a walk in clinic I went to!

So far feeling better today but if it is getting worse I'm going straight to a&e

RiverRocks Wed 03-Sep-14 12:32:58

Ps always nice to hear about DH being supportive! grin

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