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Did you show sooner with DC2???

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flopsybunny45 Mon 01-Sep-14 21:45:34

With DC1 I don't think I really looked pregnant until 24 weeks or so and was able to get away with my normal clothes pretty much until the 3rd tri. Can I expect a similar sitch this time round? (My weight is the same).

IHeartKingThistle Mon 01-Sep-14 21:49:08

Way earlier with DC2!

Scoobsmam13 Mon 01-Sep-14 21:51:07

Not in my experience!
I didn't show with DD1 until about 20 weeks, or obviously show until about 24 weeks. This time round with DD2 I have been in maternity clothes since maybe 8 weeks and had a bump since 13 ish weeks. I am a little slimmer than I was first time round, but not much and I have put on less weight now than at this stage last time. There is no mistaking it now, obvious bump at 22 weeks smile
Everyone is different though!

Smartiepants79 Mon 01-Sep-14 21:52:02

Well, I showed much earlier second time around. Needed different clothes by week 15/16.
My experience of others would suggest that it's quite likely you will show sooner.
But then everyone is different!

Milliways Mon 01-Sep-14 22:05:37

I did, I likened it to blowing up a balloon second time - no resistance grin

hartmel Tue 02-Sep-14 03:16:10

I was in maternity cloth from 7/8 weeks. Obvious bump at 15/16 weeks..

With first I started buying maternity cloth around 16/17 weeks and obvious bump after 25 weeks

weebairn Tue 02-Sep-14 06:39:06

Only a week or two earlier with my second here, around 17 weeks. I was the same size at the start of both pregnancies.

M27J5M Tue 02-Sep-14 14:10:17

With my 1st I wore own clothes till 30weeks gone, this time I'm showing noticeably at 11 weeks and been gaining weight since 7-8 weeks

flopsybunny45 Tue 02-Sep-14 14:36:12

Gosh! It seems everyone is in agreement that I should probably expect to show sooner... Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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