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Can indigestion make you vomit?

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catg83 Mon 01-Sep-14 19:00:36

Hi all,
Tough day here. I am 29+5 weeks and have had indigestion on and off for the past 10 weeks. Never had it before I was pregnant. Today has been horrible. I am very achey and tired and had indigestion all day. After breakfast and lunch I felt really sick and vomited this afternoon. bleugh. sad Now I am getting to the point I would usually have dinner but really don't fancy anything.
Long story short- can indigestion make you be sick or is this a tummy bug?
Thanks in advance. x

MrsMonkeyBear Mon 01-Sep-14 19:40:50

Yes it can. It's bloody horrible.

I had heartburn, indigestion and trapped wind all at the same time and quite literally made it into my bathroom to puke.

At this stage baby is getting bigger and squishing everything.

I went to my GP and got Zantac (ranitidine) and it's worked wonders!! I notice when I've missed a dose. Also found ice cold soda water helps (makes my lo move and gives me the burps)

Hope this helps

Ninjabread Mon 01-Sep-14 19:43:38

You should get your bp checked as indigestion type pain is a sign of pre-eclampsia as is vomiting.

JennyBlueWren Mon 01-Sep-14 19:52:07

YES! Far more problems with this than normal sickness. I'm only at 15 weeks but had this throughout so far.

I find orange flavour Rennies the best for me. Often feel like not taking them as I feel so ill but it makes such a difference.

ohthegoats Mon 01-Sep-14 19:53:59

Definitely it can.

I now take a combo of Zantac and the orange Rennies. Also as a last resort, particularly at night, I'll have half a pint of milk. Gives me enough time to actually get to sleep before it all kicks off.

CoolCat2014 Mon 01-Sep-14 19:58:23

Yes. I used to get that even before I was pregnant. You can get a prescription for something like omeprazol which should help a lot smile

Rainbow555 Mon 01-Sep-14 20:32:10

Yes totally does!! As mothers have said try to get something for it and might need to try a few diff things before you find what works for you. I have always suffered and it's no better now pregnant!

catg83 Mon 01-Sep-14 20:40:43

Thank you all so much for your replies. You have reassured me very much so. Still feeling crappy. Just having an off day I think. Have managed to eat 2 dry crispbreads and a glass of squash. grin

Ninja bread - will make sure I mention it at midwives appointment next week. Thank you.

JennyBlueWren Mon 01-Sep-14 20:50:13

I've a MW app on Thurs so will be mentioning it then.

Will try the milk. Am wondering if drinking juice with breakfast is not helping me as sick with indigestion when I reach work. Could try milk instead.

Guess Zantac's safe then? Will give it a go. Was avoiding taking anything and suffering horribly until my husband checked the label on his Rennies (he suffers from indigestion without being pregnant) and declared it safe.
Lots of folk say Gaviscon but I can't even consider taking it -the thought alone makes me feel sick!

If you have indigestion is it best to eat or avoid eating? Anything that's better or worse to eat? I seem to get it all wrong or think I've got a solution (like when I had my last meal at 4pm) and then it doesn't work.

Rainbow555 Tue 02-Sep-14 06:50:34

For me my indigestion is worse when I don't eat as I fill with gas! But some foods give me indigestion but I know what to avoid now. I would say eat!
I also read on an other forum that milk makes heartburn worse...? So not sure if it is a great indigestion remedy?

Missingcaffeine Tue 02-Sep-14 08:30:08

Yes it makes me feel sick. Having said that, if you're achy, you might be fighting something else off, like a bug/virus. I've been achy the past few weeks, but I'm a bit further along (37 weeks).
Milk is recommended on nhs pregnancy website and I find milk really helps.
Also indigestion sweets like rennie or supermarket/boots own brand. I hated Gaviscon - struggled to swallow it.
I'm having indigestion sweets almost hourly though, so might get some Ranitidine.
Avoid any bending forward or movements that squash your stomach - this definitely makes it worse.

Thumbwitch Tue 02-Sep-14 08:34:11

Another one saying yes - it certainly can. sad

I had to sleep propped up on a beanbag from about 14w on with DS2, my acid reflux was so bad - every time, if I tried to lie flat, it would go mad.

Vanilla icecream (the proper stuff with real vanilla in) really helped with DS1 - but with DS2, it very rarely helped sad
I tried double strength Gaviscon (aka Evil Gop™) but that nearly made me vomit in its own right, so had to be in actual severe pain as well as acidic to take that. Other than that, just had Tums as often as was possible and avoided any foods that seemed to trigger it, sugar and chocolate being prime culprits. sad

Thumbwitch Tue 02-Sep-14 08:35:44

And re. eating - little and often is the best way, avoid large stomach-stretching (crushing) meals, but make sure you are getting a decent food intake in the day. 6 small meals instead of 3 larger ones, that kind of thing.

CoolCat2014 Tue 02-Sep-14 08:54:35

Regarding what to avoid eating - you might find that cutting down on fatty foods and acidic foods (like orange juice, tomatoes, etc) and cutting out spicy stuff will help. I had to have a very strict diet in the past when I suffered from constant reflux, but in pregnancy I just get it randomly - often more to do with how I'm sitting!

I find ice cream really helps smile

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