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Tightenings question

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jaykay34 Mon 01-Sep-14 15:45:34

Hi all...I am 37 weeks pregnant with third baby, and just had a midwife appointment. When she was feeling my abdomen she said I was having strong "tightenings" - but I couldn't feel them at all and didn't feel any different (tighter) to what I do anyway. She seemed really surprised that I couldn't feel them.

Am I abnormal or has anybody else experienced this.

Also..if I am having tightenings now..could it mean that baby will be early ? Or does it make no difference ? When I asked MW, she just replied that it was a good sign I would go into labour naturally - but didn't say whether it would be any sooner.

Apologies now if I am asking ridiculous questions...I am just really getting fed up now and am looking for any signs that baby will be on time smile .

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