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will delivery be quicker or not? 12 years after 1st pregnancy

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Pantstootight Mon 01-Sep-14 14:01:46

Help, I've really started to worry myself about giving birth for the 2nd time.

My 1st DD was born 12 years ago after only 5 hours of labour. It was agonisingly painful but quite quick. I had her in a European country and was given no pain relief whatsoever.
Since becoming pregnant again with my new partner, 12 years on, I had convinced myself that 2nd babies usually arrive much more quickly and so I should be in for a relatively easy time.
However, I've statred to wonder, after 12 years, will the 'way out' have closed rather alot and it'll be like giving birth for the first time all over again?

Please, I'd really love to know if anyone has had a 2nd baby arrive faster than 1st one even after many years have passed! Am panicing now!!

jaykay34 Mon 01-Sep-14 16:30:40

I can't answer your question...but am in a similar predicament and will be interested in the answer !

My eldest are twins (nearly 12 years old) - I was labour for 30 hours, then daughter was born by forceps and son by emergency C-section. So a pretty awful birth !!

I am hoping to go into labour naturally and have a Vbac - and hoping it will all go smoothly and baby will be on time (and fingers crossed be much quicker than last time).

But I have the same concerns as you...will I be back to square 1 having such a large gap between children.

The fact that the hospital no longer have my notes and they are too historical to even be found in the archives make me worry that this will be like a first time labour again !

Ange77 Tue 02-Sep-14 13:39:34

Hi Ladies
I had my first son in 1998 so by the time I gave birth to my second last October, 15 & � years had gone by. I�m now expecting baby number 3.

During my time at the maternity unit I was treated like a first time mum as I felt like I was one with the amount of time that had passed, which I really appreciated.

I can say second time round was so much better than the first. I knew it was going to hurt and what sort of pain it was going to be, so in a way I knew what to expect.
My first labour seemed to take forever, I was so tired, the drugs made me feel horrible and the baby got stuck and got distressed and ended up in special care for a few days, was not pleasant experience in the slightest.
This time my active labour was really short. Although I had been on the ward bouncing on a ball from 1am as I was 4cm dilated already (apparently after your first child the cervix is never as tightly closed as before) nothing really started still about 6 am, then it all started to happen really fast. Got to the delivery ward at 7.10, and Baby was born at 7.21.
All I ended up having was a bit of gas and air for the couple of pushes before he came out.
My body, even after all that time was well prepared, no tearing or ripping this time either.

Hopefully both you ladies will find this time round a much better experience

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