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interesting things to do in London while preggers

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Lindalove Mon 01-Sep-14 13:03:38

So my husband and I normally go out a lot at night/ go to dinner for drinks with friends. I'm also in a band so have to date been a night owl.

Anyway am 9 wks preggers and already quite bored with it! NO drinking = still fun to see people but evenings drag a bit, and I get tired.

What fun stuff can I & husband do during the day that's going to replace our normal more evening-orientated entertainment?

I guess things like going to the cinema or theatre are good, but anyone have any other genius ideas of fun, ideally reasonably active things I can do with husb to keep my mind of the non-drinking....

I love music, spas/hot water, film, theatre, art/exhibitions.... but if anyone found a lifeline of entertainment in London while preggers let me know. Shopping for baby stuff isn't also what I call massive fun sorry - its practical but husb would rather poke his eyes out.

OMG i sound super grumpy! I'm happy, just feeling a bit bored!

WingsClipped Mon 01-Sep-14 13:18:52

I kept doing everything I normally do. Being pregnant shouldn't stop you from doing most things- I continued swimming, cycling, doing day trips (Brighton, whitstable, Portsmouth, Windsor etc. etc.). We went out to the theatre, watch films, exhibitions, shows, walk in the park, went out for lunches and dinners, went out for (non alcoholic) drinks. The only things I stopped doing were things like theme park rides.

Just because you are pregnant doesn't mean your interests have to change. Even being a parent hasn't stopped me going to exhibitions and galleries or going out to eat. We just chose times which are more kid friendly. I.e dinner at slightly earlier times and avoiding really romantic restaurants where a screaming kid might not be appreciated.

Lindalove Mon 01-Sep-14 13:44:46

Yes - sorry I was looking for specific daytime ideas to London/ cool and fun secret days out, amazing galleries off the beaten track etc, any spa ideas that are pregnancy-related.

Days out seem like a good plan though, have one to Brighton booked but I will check out some other places I've not been to for ages. I do like walking so might see what London walks I can do, as haven't done one since Jack the Ripper a while ago!

My interests are largely about playing and seeing live music, which comes with a drinking scene, so in reality yes my interests will need to adapt for a bit unless I want to spend a lot of time around people getting drunk in sweaty bars. Most of which don't seem to do non-alcoholic drinks, though I hear there is a 'dry' bar in London that does great cocktails.

squizita Mon 01-Sep-14 13:49:57

South Bank - shows, cinema, restaurants.
I still went to gigs and pubs for ages! Just not on the booze.
Camden market or Portable lo for browsing.

dinkystinky Mon 01-Sep-14 13:53:21

Go to as many gigs/theatre shows/late night museum exhibitions (Natural History does some as does V&A - really interesting) as you can! I went to all of those through all 3 of my pregnancies and loved them. I also (after 12 weeks) started going to pregnancy yoga/pilates once a week (in addition to normal gym stuff) which was fun and I made good friends through too. Also ate out lots (just didn't drink) - when you don't drink eating out at a really high quality restaurant is surprisingly good value!

ElleDubloo Mon 01-Sep-14 20:10:47

Skylon Bar - in the Royal Festival Hall on the Southbank - trendy, good views, great non-alcoholic cocktails. I went there once to catch up with friends over drinks, and once more for my husband's birthday dinner.

The Old Vic - saw The Crucible recently (tragic story + pregnancy hormones = running mascara + bag full of wet tissues). We've also been to see a comedy a few months ago. Love this theatre. (NB theatres are great in pregnancy, but avoid the Globe because of all the standing, and if you do pay for a seat they're expensive and not comfortable at all)

Food markets, e.g. the one on the South Bank, and the nearby Christmas market.

I'm guessing Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park will be starting soon?

Museum lates, as mentioned above.

Despite all of the above, my top favourite would be: Rent a DVD and watch it cuddled up in bed with OH and a mug of hot chocolate ( /beer for him)

dinkystinky Tue 02-Sep-14 10:15:44

In run up to xmas, lots of great theatre on in London and also late night shopping over at Columbia Road market (normally last 4 Wednesdays before xmas). Also lots of pop up restaurants/galleries to check out.

Also try secret cinema - great fun.

ClaretAndBlue30 Tue 02-Sep-14 17:20:16

Sketch in Mayfair does an awesome 'alternative' afternoon tea, I went there pregnant and it was a nice thing to do rather than go out in evening.

V&A do great exhibitions, worth seeing what 'paid for' ones are on (as they tend to be better than the freebies)

I second Secret Cinema, been 3 times (only once when pregnant) and it's fab.

I've also heard the Tower of London has a beautiful poppy display at the moment in memory of 100yrs since ww1.


Muststudy Wed 03-Sep-14 06:52:49

Oh how fun! Have signed up to secret cinema thanks all! I will look into sketch afternoon tea but I still like going there at night!!!! I wasn't a drinker pre pregnancy so it's fine! !

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