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Shopping list for first baby - what is the minimum?

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BeetleandBug Mon 01-Sep-14 12:25:48

Hoping for some advise before we start buying for baby.

I am currently 28+5, so baby due mid-nov, and other than a few baby grows we haven't bought anything yet. We are currently in a one bed flat with storage issues and not due to move into our house until January.

Therefore, i want to buy as little as possible so we don't have too much to store and move with. The following is my to buy list so far:

* Snuzpod crib
* Baby monitor
* Pram and car seat
* Door gate to keep dog out the bedroom
* Changing mat
* Tummy tub bath (we only have a shower)
* Nappy bag
* Toiletries (nappies etc...)
* Fabrics - towels, blankets, muslins, clothing...

Please help me fill in any gaps!

BeetleandBug Mon 01-Sep-14 12:26:46

Advice, not advise.

Lucky29 Mon 01-Sep-14 12:29:02

I don't see why you need a baby monitor in a 1 bed flat?
Hats and a pram suit as it's a winter baby?

BeetleandBug Mon 01-Sep-14 12:37:08

I am a worrier, Lucky, and so want one for peace of mind. Am thinking of the Snuza Halo clip on.

Pram suit and hats noted, thank you.

TranmereRover Mon 01-Sep-14 12:41:58

do you own a handbag? if so, no nappy bag required, I never had one. Get one of those portable changing mat roll things and you can double that with the changing mat in the house. Monitor in a flat is not only unnecessary but the likelihood is that you'll pick up interference / feed from other flats so will set you on edge anyway.
Tummy tub is awkward for actual cleaning. Use the basin to start with unless your taps are particularly in the way, and then maybe a lie down tub (i've only ever used the tummy tub as a laundry bin, it was my worst ever buy).
Where do you propose putting the baby to "play" / have tummy time etc with the dog around? would you be better off getting a dog pen to corral the dog? (nb I am not a dog person, this may be wildly inappropriate)

SoftSheen Mon 01-Sep-14 12:47:35

This would be my list of essentials:

-Babygrows, 6 in newborn size and 6 in size 0-3 months
-Short sleeved vests, ditto
-2 baby cardigans
-1-2 newborn hats for wearing inside during the first few days
-Warmer hat for wearing outside

-Bedside cot or moses basket
-Mattress and mattress protector
-Sheets (at least 3-4)
-1-2 baby sleeping bags
-Light cellular blankets to use for swaddling in early days

Other stuff:
-6-12 Muslins
-Sling or baby carrier
-Car seat
-Pram or buggy (though I didn't use one for first few months) plus bedding
-Changing mat
-Newborn size nappies
-Water wipes (or cotton wool and a small plastic bowl)
-Nappy bags
-Nappy cream
-Nail clippers
-Small natural sponge
-Small soft towel
-Bag that can be used as a changing bag (large handbag will do)

For you:
-Breast pads
-Maternity pads
-Big knickers!
-Feeding bras
-Lansinoh or other nipple cream

Stuff you probably won't need for a newborn:
- Toiletries such as bubble bath etc
- Toys
- Baby monitor (need to sleep in same room as you for first six months)
- Wipe warmers, nappy wrappers etc

LightUpLightUp Mon 01-Sep-14 12:49:18

I think id still get a bouncer, I lived with my mum when first child was born and space was limited but I wouldn't have lived without it! I even used to take DS in his bouncer to the bathroom with me when I needed to shower

Artandco Mon 01-Sep-14 12:59:25

We live in a one bed with x2 children

- don't bother with monitor. Baby suppose to sleep in same room as you anyway first 6 months so will be in living room with you in day and bedroom when u go to bed. Even if has to be in crib in bedroom just put crib by door, with door open.

- get small pram- look at babyzen yoyo 0+. Will fold tiny to store in flat, and lies flat.

- don't get tummy tub. Awkward or you to bend down to. Lay clean towel in kitchen sink and bath baby in there ( unless bathroom sink is bigger). At perfect height and no storage needed

We had newborn babygrows and short sleeve vests x5 each.
0-3 months babygrows and vest x10 each. X 4 0-3 month cardigans ( can roll up sleeves and use for newborn. 0-3 babygrows might be tad big for newborn but can use if all 5 newborn ones in wash.

- I wouldn't bother with pram suit. Can't use in car seat as dangerous and overheat when you go in shops. Get a footmuff for pram instead so can easily undo

- I would get sheepskin rug for floor for baby to lay on. As older can use as regular rug anywhere in house

KitKat1985 Mon 01-Sep-14 13:15:02

On a bit of a side topic, one thing I would say is that as much as me and DH have also tried just to get the essentials as we don't have loads of spare space, people (very kindly, so I'm not complaining) kept buying us gifts or passing on hand-me-down things which although very useful and has saved us a fortune has been a bit of a nightmare storage wise (especially as a lot of people - again, very kindly, have thought that as we have most stuff for a newborn they will buy us things for when she is a bit older, e.g, weaning things, a cot bed, toys, clothes for when she is older etc; meaning that we have loads of stuff as well that we won't even need for several months). As I say I am really, really grateful for everyone's generosity but it has been a real problem finding room for everything. With the benefit of hindsight I would probably advise dropping hints to family / friends that you are short on space and just want the bare minimum of things until after you have moved.

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