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False starts.

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Ohwhatsoccuring Mon 01-Sep-14 08:06:20

Hi, am just shy of 38 wks with baby no3, and have just had our second flipping false start.
First was at 35 wks and was a mad dash to the hospital at 2am followed by 14hrs of contractions, the midwives even got their gloves on ready to catch baby. Then they realised I hadn't dilated, gave me morphine and it all stopped.
Then yesterday was having contractions all day but they just didn't get fully started, were about 30mins apart all day. So by 11pm was fed up and went to bed to rest, just in case, and yep it all stopped.

Ive been told that 3rd babies are tricky and that false starts were common but to be honest took it with a pinch of salt, well they were right hey.

Anyone else got any similar experiences?

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