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bowel incontence and delivery

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sharonmcl Sun 31-Aug-14 19:35:30

Hi all,

My lat birth over 8 years ago was mishandled and has left me with bowel incontinence and 8 operations in past 4 years.

Anyone out there had a natural delivery with incontence and can give me advice as I want to go ahead with natural delivery but consultant more keen on me having planned section.


Lozmatoz Mon 01-Sep-14 03:37:59


lotsoftoast Mon 01-Sep-14 08:28:18

Hi Sharon

Did you have a third degree tear last time?

If you have ongoing bowel incontinence, even if you weren't to tear again there is still a 1 in 4 chance of your symptoms worsening

I'd be inclined to go for an elcs to be honest

divingoffthebalcony Mon 01-Sep-14 08:39:04

I wouldn't hesitate to have a section in your shoes. The consultant knows what they are taking about, and the risk of causing further damage to your pelvic floor must be quite significant.

I had a third degree tear and recovered well, but even I won't risk another natural delivery for fear of causing more damage.

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