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Bruised Womb (Subchorionic Hematoma?)

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Twittwooo Sun 31-Aug-14 14:33:20

I'm almost 10 weeks pregnant and last week, after a small amount of bleeding, was scanned to reveal I have a small bruise on my womb (probably as a result of implantation). I've done lots of googling and see this is quite common (also known as subchorionic hematoma I think), however I am passing bits of tissue and can't seem to find out much about what this might be or why it's happening. I've had two miscarriages in the past so am fairly worried, although I'm hardly bleeding now and nothing bright red. The tissue looks like skin, pinky white and sometimes brown, and isn't huge. I'm hoping someone else has experienced this and can shed some light on the situation? At hospital I was told that people experience different things with this, and they didn't seem too worried at all, but didn't suggest what the bits of tissue could be. I'd love to hear others who may have experienced this. Thanks!

porcito Sun 31-Aug-14 17:31:25

I had this too. I bled a lot, countless panicked trips to the doctor to check it out but all was fine.

I think the tissue could be something like the clots from the bruise coming out? I was told to expect more bleeding/discharge as the haematoma worked its way out.

It was fully absorbed eventually and now am 35 weeks.

Good luck, just call them if you're worried-that's what they're there for.

Twittwooo Sun 31-Aug-14 18:12:05

Thanks porcito, I know it's common but I can't help worrying. I did wonder if it was somehow part of the bruise working it's way out so hopefully it's nothing to panic about. I've read lots about bleeding but not tissue particles - they did say to expect more bleeding so I'll just have to hold out until my 12 week scan!

Twittwooo Sun 31-Aug-14 18:13:16

Oh, and congratulations on getting to 35 weeks - not long to go!

Loveallmyboys Sun 31-Aug-14 21:36:56

I'm an SCH survivor... I hope! I'm 24 weeks now and had several reeeeally heavy bleeds with huge clots, some the size of my fist! They occasionally had odd coloured bits in too. I know this because, as you do, I inspected all 'matter' that appeared! Grim, I know.
My last bleed was just over 4 weeks ago now and I'm praying it's resolved itself!

Loveallmyboys Sun 31-Aug-14 21:38:20

Hadn't finished... I was told that, unless I was doubled over in pain, not to worry too much. I got to a point where when I had a bleed, I wouldn't even go to the hospital! Was easier to just ride it out at home. Wishing you lots of luck smile

miniHovis Sun 31-Aug-14 21:54:39

I had SCH thst was noticed at 12 week scan and then i bleed later that week, went to hospital again for another scan to check all was ok, i am now 39 weeks (tomorrow) i bleed for about 5 weeks and passed clots that were massive,

Twittwooo Sun 31-Aug-14 23:03:34

Thanks for sharing your stories, I feel a bit less anxious now. Everything else feels right so hopefully all will be fine. Good luck with your pregnancies, and congratulations!

ChewyGiraffe Sun 31-Aug-14 23:51:01

I had a subchorionic haematoma with my 13 month old DD (now a respectable >91st centile).

I'd had an early viability scan at 8 weeks - all fine, then at 9+3 started bleeding, brown loss at first, then ... TMI warning ... bright red, loads of blood - gushing in fact (way more than the worst period ever), with several large clots. I went to A&E as I'd no idea what the hell else to do and was convinced my little bean had perished in A&E toilets.

Staff were lovely - it was really late, so kept me in overnight to be scanned in the morning. I'd no idea how she'd managed to hang on, but the sonographer explained the position of the haematoma in relation to the gestational sac (pure chance) meant the bleed didn't affect the pregnancy at all. It was a good while before the bleeding stopped completely too.

She's a very, very determined child though and part of me wonders if her bloody mindedness started even then!

If you've been scanned and they're not worried, just try to relax and trust that everything will be just fine.

Take care

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