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shooting pains, how much longer?

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DizzyKipper Thu 28-Aug-14 09:01:02

Baby is now 3/5 engaged and I'm presuming this is the reason I'm now constantly getting sharp shooting pains in my legs/bum. I can't walk across the room without them striking, or even sit down - even doing nothing they still get me! And I'm supposed to take the dog out for a 1.5h walk every day! (high energy breed, he really does need it, and no, no money for a dog walker). I'm just so miserable, how much longer can this go on for? Can I really be facing up to several more weeks of this? Sorry I'm just feeling so low right now, 38+3 and the thought that I just have to put up with these pains from now on until baby decides to make an appearance isn't very fun.

Twizzletoes Thu 28-Aug-14 09:05:55

I'm 39+2 and having much the same! By the evening I am no good and can barely get off the sofa. I have period like pain in my back, but constant episodes so not like I think contractions are meant to be like... I didn't realise this last bit would be so rough. Finding it hard to make plans as I never know what state I'm going to be in!

DizzyKipper Thu 28-Aug-14 09:11:16

It's horrible isn't it. I didn't have this with DD, I did have varicose veins which were painful as well (which I also have this time), but never these shooting pains. I worked right up 'til 39 weeks with her, gave birth 4 days later. This time I've been off since 37.

Twizzletoes Thu 28-Aug-14 09:21:24

Well done for working so long last time! I worked until 37 and was more than ready to finish. This is my first so have no clue what to expect. I wake up every day thinking is today the day?!

Inbl00m Thu 28-Aug-14 12:39:54

Dizzy I've been getting the same thing for the past couple of weeks (36+5 now), it's horrible isn't it? Unfortunately thre only thing I've found that helps is giving up walking my high-energy dogs this week. Luckily DH's mum has stepped in and the rest seems to have made the pain a bit less frequent and intense.

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