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Constant bleeding :/

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HayleyS23 Wed 27-Aug-14 17:52:19

Hi everyone, just looking for some advice or opinions or anything really smile
I was admitted to hospital at 12 weeks due to a sudden heavy bleed. They scanned me and said my baby was fine but I have had light spotting most days ever since then. I am now 17 weeks and, for the last 5 days, have been bleeding constantly and heavily. I went back to hospital and they said the baby is fine, good heartbeat and the placenta is not over the cervix or anything. They couldn't find any cause. It has only been since the bleed started 5 days ago that I have been able to feel the baby moving so I wonder if it's anything to do with baby growing?
I feel reassured that my baby is ok but I feel like this bleed is not normal? Sex is a no go as it aggravates it, the midwife did a speculum exam and even that made it worse sad
What is it??

lozzy1982 Wed 27-Aug-14 19:21:19

I cant help u with what it is, all
I can say is that if the professionals have done all their tests and prodding and are happy u and baby are ok, i guess youre just gonna have to put faith in what they say and try not too worry. Blood is always a heart stopping sight, but maybe for you its just one of those things.

ThermoLobster Wed 27-Aug-14 19:28:13

I bled in all three of my pregnancies pregnancies. The first I had huge gushes of blood and then spotting for weeks on end. They never really found a cause. Could just see blood when they scanned me. All was well with that pregnancy and my third when I also bled. I had an early miscarriage in my second pregnancy, but the bleeding was very different with labour pains and it was much earlier on than you are now. Hope all turns out fine and it is just one of those things, like it was with me.

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