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Phantom pregnancy!

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Ettyflo23 Wed 27-Aug-14 15:40:14

Can someone help me I think I am going mad! I think I am having a phantom pregnancy. I met someone in March this year and we first had sex on the 11 of April we where a bit drunk but careful but because I wasn't on any type of birth control I took the morning after pill just to be sure. I took the pill about 36 hours after sex. I had a slightly lighter period and a few days later then expected but I understand your period can be delayed with the morning after pill. On the 3rd day of my cycle I had the depo injection. My relationship ended at the beginning of July and since the relationship ended I didn't have the depo injection that was due on the 20th of July. My period has not yet returned I had some cramping over the last week but no period. The problem being I look pregnant and I am sure I can feel the odd fluttering. I have taken 2 pregnancy tests and both negative. Could this be a phantom pregnancy?

MildDrPepperAddiction Wed 27-Aug-14 15:42:46

Perhaps it's just your body adjusting to all the hormones from pill/injection. See your gp though if worried.

weeblueberry Wed 27-Aug-14 16:06:43

I had lots of cramping and bloating when I initially had the depo injection. Your hormones are all over the place for the first while after it goes into your system. The fluttering could be lots of different things too - just before I got pregnant I had weird rippling feelings in my tummy but it was definitely before I got pregnant so must have been gas or something similar!

But Mild is right. If you're still really concerned go and speak with your GP who will be able to do a test and reassure you. smile

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