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Upset and panicking - WWYD?

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HippyJess Wed 27-Aug-14 14:56:27

Sorry in advance for the essay sad

I've been "measuring big" for the entire pregnancy; though my fundal height was equal to my weeks, because of my height on the growth chart he was way above the 90th centile line. MW said not to worry, he didn't feel big, etc. GTT at 28 weeks came back normal.

I am now 37+5. At my 36 week appointment I got switched to CLC as opposed to MWLC due to my BMI (tipped over the threshold into too big apparently), and was reffered to a consultant.

Consultant on Tuesday was fine, no concerns but reffered me for a growth scan to double check. This is where things start going tits up. I was told that I couldn't have a growth scan for at least 2 weeks due to the department being busy but they'd call and let me know. This weekend, I moved house and GP surgery and today I had my first MW appointment there.

She was lovely, a lot less dismissive than my previous midwife and birth plan and choices were mentioned for the first time. However, when she measured me it was even bigger than my old MW's measurements and she's sending me for another GTT on Monday which is fine.

She called to chase up the growth scan at the hospital and was told the same as I was - no appointment for a few weeks. She's following up tomorrow to try and insist but I am now panicking and very upset over this.

How can they tell me they think he's that big and not actually check?? I'm only 5 feet tall and a small build (other than the extra chub...) and am absolutely terrified now that he'll be too big for me to deliver and have basically convinced myself that he'll die during delivery because this wasn't confirmed sad

Also, if he's that big I honestly want an ELCS and I want it ASAP. I would rather have abdominal surgery than risk a severe year trying to safely deliver a huge baby. I want him out now. Once he's out at least I know he's safe sad

Basically I'm scared that my baby is really at risk here and no one at the hospital cares enough to check. They'd squeeze in an urgent growth scan if he was too small so why not too big? What if he can't get out properly, what if something happens to him because of this that could have been prevented with an ELCS if someone at the hospital had actually cared?

What would you do? I want to call the hospital and try to kick up a fuss and get the scan but it seems pointless if they won't even do it for my midwife sad sorry this is so long, thanks for getting this far if you have thanks

SilverStars Wed 27-Aug-14 15:01:54

Hi sorry for all your stress.

If it is any consolation I was told I had a big baby, had to have a 2nd GTT etc - came back borderline ok but they said they would not do anything with it being close to birth.
I was measured as big, but when consultant measured me herself she said " oh they measured the water as well as baby - or some similar comment". Had 7lb baby. A friend was told she was big, every scan measured as big, had gestational diabetes and lots of checks. Her baby was smaller than mine.

Can you contact your midwife and say you are stressed and can they talk to you about birth options - that may help?

HippyJess Wed 27-Aug-14 15:13:01

That's reassuring, thank you! She's reffered me to a consultant to discuss birth options in more detail because she could tell how anxious I am about him being big/induction/instrumental delivery etc so hopefully that will be sooner rather than later. And at it I will be able to say that if they can't confirm that he's an ok size via a growth scan that I just want him out safely as soon as possible...

hollie84 Wed 27-Aug-14 15:15:15

Honestly I don't think you will grow a baby that is too big to deliver safely!

JammyTodger Wed 27-Aug-14 15:22:53

I understand your worries. I had growth scans every 2 weeks from around week 28. At every one they said I was measuring big, and then I gave birth to a 5lb 2oz baby. Go figure. They honestly don't know until he/she pops out. I've known people with huge bumps who've had tiny babies and vice versa.

noblegiraffe Wed 27-Aug-14 15:24:32

You are short and I bet that's why you are measuring big. I'm tall and measured small for both my pregnancies, got sent for scans etc and delivered two perfectly normal sized babies. I was told I was just hiding the babies well. You are nearly a foot shorter than me so it makes sense that your baby would have far less room to hide and you'd measure big.

I bet you are not cooking a ginormous baby. You're just short. I hope you get a scan to set your mind at ease, but if they were really worried, you'd be fast tracked.

gunwalloe Wed 27-Aug-14 15:24:44

I know it is a expense but for your own sanity is it worth having a private scan if they find anything untoward you can then insist to be seen and have your options/wishes discussed.

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