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Pls tell me your breech birth stories!

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pinkteapots Wed 27-Aug-14 13:12:12

Am 33 weeks, and know baby may yet turn. Should he/she decide to stay bum down, I'll be offered ECV, breech delivery or section. I'll probably go with ECV while being ready to tell them to stop if its too much. Failing that, I'd go for breech delivery BUT I cant see me managing if they want me flat on a bed with constant watching.

Anyone here had a breech birth? How heavily are they monitored? Are they longer / more painful? How does delivery work... more pushing?

Thanks in advance :-)

firstpregnancy2014 Wed 27-Aug-14 13:24:34

No advice but im watching with interest- im only 27 weeks but baby has been breach all the way through so im trying to prepare just incase!

Whatsonemore Wed 27-Aug-14 13:54:34

My dd was undiagnosed footling breech - they only noticed by chance - I would of being willing to deliver naturally but as she was only 35weeks they said they wanted to section me for safety - a prem footling breech isn't ideal.

So my story prob doesn't help! But wanted to share Experience! Had she not been prem I would of wanted natural delivery but no ECV as for me the risks are too high

JRsandCoffee Wed 27-Aug-14 14:10:18

Was sitting pretty at your stage, literally, then while I was waiting to see if she'd turn my waters went and she showed up at 35 weeks on the nail coming out in the traditional head first manner! No idea if the turn and the waters were linked but that's what happened to me. They were happy up until that point to just keep an eye and tell me to call if any worries at all.

Waters went very slowly and had I not been to NCT the night before it started I suspect I wouldn't have realised until 24 hours after I did. It was 48hrs after that that she was born, monitored pretty carefully waiting to be induced as the ward was frantically busy and went into labour naturally. In the end it was a quick labour though a forceps delivery after it was realised that the cord was round her neck. No other problems though.

I too was worried so I do feel for you having to sit tight there and wait!

MultipleMama Wed 27-Aug-14 14:20:41

I replied somewhere before about my breech babies - but I can't remember where!

DC1 was an unassisted Complete Breech birth (BBA). Just myself, DH and the little research he did on breech and homebirths. As I had never been in labour before I didn't know the difference. He was born within 45 minutes of feeling the contractions and with only 2 pushes. He was head down at my 34 week scan.

DC3 (MoMo Twin) was breech but was booked for ELCS due to boys sharing sac and placenta. Nothing went as planned. Went into labour, and while we were waiting on the doctor for the epidural DC3's bottom could be seen. Both born vaginally, monitored because I was supposed to be having a CS (so I was on my back or side, felt no different giving birth to DC4 than I did DC3 but to me, DC3's crowning wasn't as painful. Born a few minutes before his brother with one hard push in a Frank Breech position.

DC6 (DCDA twin) was Complete Breech. Booked in for ELCS due to prematurity but when I went back into labour they agreed and supported my choice (if distressed EMCS) for a vaginal birth and was monitored constantly (I was on my hands and knees), he was born a few minutes after his sister. One quick push and he was out (preemie under 2lbs).

pinkteapots Wed 27-Aug-14 14:27:23

whatsonemore - yes I agree re ECV, plus i've an anterior placenta which adds risk. Think i'll talk to my midwife about that, she's very good and on the 'natural' side rather than medical. Think a lot depends on consultants experience.

JRsandcoffee, hoping this baby does something equally spectacular as yours! I'd go for a breech birth, but if they stick me on a bed hooked up to monitors, unable to labour actively, i'm fearing tje pain will take over. Moving in labour has saved my sanity in previous births! Stuck on a bed, I might beg for an epidural, and end up on an intervention route anyway, and maybe c-section in the end anyway!!! Arrgh!! I'm laughing and worried all at once.

Hope your LO turns firstpregnancy!

pinkteapots Wed 27-Aug-14 14:30:59

multiplemama, what brilliant stories! Thats actually really reassuring; that the birth feels the same, without extra pushing etc. If I could kneel up or even stand in one place, I might manage ok...

MultipleMama Wed 27-Aug-14 15:11:20

I think you can walk around, bounce on a ball, try different positions while being monitored, I think it depends on the length of the leads if it's continuous monitoring. My local hospital has a wireless one shock which is pretty techy and neat grin.

My labours have never been very long and all feel them when close to pushing but I like to move about or bounce on the ball because I get restless. If I have to be monitored again, I am not going on a bed until I have to grin

pinkteapots Wed 27-Aug-14 16:25:10

multiplemama - do you mind my asking, did you have any epidurals? Assume not if you were up and about. I really dont want to fall back on an epidural... had one with dc1 and it ruined the experience entirely. My 4 dcs have all been a decent size, 8lb 10oz up to 9lb 10oz, i'm sure this one will be the same-ish. Hope size doesnt matter in breech any more than cephalic!

From my 2 inductions, think its all cords n leads round the bed like spaghetti... hmmm i've a lot to ask the midwife really.

MultipleMama Wed 27-Aug-14 17:35:21

I don't mind. No epidurals with any of my births but the doctor did mention once that considering my track record for fast and short deliveries, that I'd be too far gone for one. As I proved when I was pushing while the doctor was getting the epidural grin I think it would be worth asking your MW what options you have.

Mine have all been under 8lbs, I just seem to have small babies but then DH and I are pretty short! DC1 was my "biggest baby" I think yet the most easiest in terms of pushing him out.

ButterflyOfFreedom Wed 27-Aug-14 17:48:29

Watching with interest!
Am 33 weeks and have been told baby is breech. Is there anything I can do to encourage it to turn? Exercises / lying in certain positions etc...

Taura Wed 27-Aug-14 17:48:54

You'd need to ask my mother really, but I was a footling breech baby 40+ years ago. Apparently I arrived to a large audience of student midwives and doctors (it was a teaching hospital). I believe my mother just had gas and air.

MultipleMama Wed 27-Aug-14 18:15:36

Butterfly - Take a look at Spinning Babies. They have helpful tips and exercises. They really helped me with DC2 who kept lying awkwardly.

grobagsforever Wed 27-Aug-14 18:18:44

My grandma gave birth to breech twins naturally in 1956. Before she went into labour they had no idea they were twins OR breechgrin

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