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Baby Measuring Small

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porcito Wed 27-Aug-14 03:14:39

Back again with scan worry... just went to check baby's movements as had slowed right down today.

All was fine, but she's measuring almost 3 weeks behind. I'm almost 35 weeks and she was the size of 32... The doctor just said "well, she won't be a big baby but don't worry".

Logically, I know if the doctor's not worried, nor should I be but I can't help googling and scaring myself with all the 'what if it's..." Does anyone have any wise words to stop this craziness?!

Gen35 Wed 27-Aug-14 04:06:10

I had the same worry, baby was measuring 2-3 wks off between 28-34 wks and then jumped to measuring 36 wks at 35 wk appt. posted on here and seems this tape measure thing (assume this is belly tape uterus measure) is very inaccurate and not all that correlated to eventual birth weight. Mw told me that baby's position can affect measurement too, if curled up they measure smaller. I'd resolved to get a scan privately to reassure myself if it had carried on.

wishingforwillpower Wed 27-Aug-14 04:14:22

In my last week of my most recent pregnancy different mw's measured me as bang on 39 weeks, 2weeks behind, and 3 weeks behind - all within a few days of each other. The next week my baby arrived weighing 7.5lbs and totally healthy. Agree with pp, think the measurement can be quite inaccurate, try not to give it another thought!

PamDooveOrangeJoof Wed 27-Aug-14 04:18:40

It's a totally inaccurate way of measuring.
I measured 2 weeks behind pretty much he while pregnancy. Thy sent me for a growth scan and then told me my baby was going to be massive!
He was born 2 days over weighing 7lb 6 so absolutely fine.
I'm sure everything is fine!
I know people who have had c sections because of their 'big babies', who have then turned out to be completely average size.
They don't seem to have a clue until they come out to be honest.

porcito Wed 27-Aug-14 04:47:09

Thanks everyone for reassurance. It was an ultrasound but it was done pretty quickly so will go with the not accurate idea and stay away from google!

catellington Wed 27-Aug-14 05:00:40

Agree could be inaccurate

Is there trend of small babies in your and or dp family?

We both came from family where babies all 5-6 pounds and had a 5lb 1 baby who is just fine. Just small! It was a shock to me though when they weighed her as I didn't know at the time

Wherediparkmybroom Wed 27-Aug-14 06:12:37

You r consultant seems good, I measure small and end up with OB led care every time, I'm dreading the tape measure this time as i know it will lead to one one round of hospital visits where they will find a different problem every time!

alliemarg Wed 27-Aug-14 11:42:29

I'm beginning to dread the tape measure - baby measuring 32 weeks at 36+5. However, we had a growth scan a couple of weeks ago and all was totally fine. It just seems like a small baby and not tall at all - right on the bottom of the length scale. I've got to go back next week for another measurement check (midwife) but I'm not worried - just trusting my own judgement on how strong the baby seems (moves all the time and really pummelling my insides as I write!). Even the midwife admitted the tape measures are subjective. The scan has shown a small baby but still perfectly healthy - and there's still time for a growth spurt!

porcito Wed 27-Aug-14 19:00:58

We were kind of on the smaller side I suppose, me 6.5lbs and him 6lbs so that could be a factor. She's definitely strong if her kicks to my ribs are anything to judge by, so hopefully she's fine. As the doctor said yesterday, at least getting her out will be a little easier! I'll step away from Google now, and just hope she stays in long enough to grow a bit more!

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