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How did you feel the day you went into labour?

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JFlo Mon 25-Aug-14 11:05:26

Was wondering if anyone got any clues that their LO's arrival was imminent? I've been so emotional today - can't stop crying and at nothing in particular! Thinking it may be a hormone surge and wondering if it's signalling progress?! A friend of mine said she just had no energy and lay on the sofa all day.

undertheduvet Mon 25-Aug-14 11:15:15

The day prior I was in a foul mood and got very tired so had a really early night labour started early hours of the morning

Dogsmom Mon 25-Aug-14 11:47:23

Nope, didn't have a clue, no braxton hicks, no discharge nothing.
Woke up at 5.30 with a period type pain that was followed 20 mins later by another, they got closer together and stronger and she was born 30 hours later (2 days early).
I was shattered!

WhyNotSmile Mon 25-Aug-14 12:35:35

I hadn't had any obvious symptoms (no Braxton-Hicks etc), and had 4 weeks to go to my due date. Met a friend for coffee, and came home unusually tired, and slightly "out of sorts", but nothing specific. Went to bed as usual, and woke up 3 hours later when my waters broke!

DizzyKipper Mon 25-Aug-14 13:04:01

The only clue I got with DD was what felt like a small 'explosion' inside my uterus, 6 hours later I woke up with contractions and 35 hours later DD had been born.

This time around for the last few weeks I've been getting period type cramps, lower back ache, extreme tiredness, emotions all over the place, feeling 'cold-y' at one point, and even constant going to the loo to empty bowels. Still nothing yet. sad

JFlo Mon 25-Aug-14 13:47:22

Had a feeling it would be just wishful thinking! smile 39+2 today and getting really fed up and frustrated! Can't wait for baby to arrive now so we can just get on with things! Just grumpy and impatient at the moment!

Lj8893 Mon 25-Aug-14 13:54:15

No not really, there was a big storm the night of my due date and i was hoping that would induce labour and was so disappointed when i woke in the morning that it hadn't. An hour after waking up (and posting a gutted the storm didn't induce labour fb status!!) i had my first contraction. 6 hours later dd was here!

LIG1979 Mon 25-Aug-14 16:09:30

full of energy - and had the best sleep for a while and overslept and missed going to the gym. luckily my friend who I was supposed to be going shopping in London with cancelled otherwise she would have been born there. At midday felt a bit constipated shopping locally and wanted to use the toilet at home. by 1pm I am calling the midwife and for dh to come home as in agony (she had turned back to back). at hospital by 3pm and finally born at 9.30pm. Would have liked a more gradual warm up to full blown labour.

weebairn Mon 25-Aug-14 19:08:38

I had felt nothing at all for days and was very resigned (40+4). Went out for dinner with my boyfriend. Ate rare steak and had a glass of wine and a giggle smile Came home, waters went at midnight, baby born a day later.

CherryLips1980 Tue 26-Aug-14 07:35:57

Nothing. I was being induced at 41 weeks and I rang the hospital that morning to be told to have a bath, chill out and come in about 10ish. So I had my bath, had a massive emo outburst in the bath which I put down to nerves at being induced, took the dog to kennels, had another emo moment (my friend works there so got excited hugs etc).

Kept getting a bit of back ache while on the ward. Asked a MW if they could be contractions but was told no as I would KNOW if they were contractions, plus nothing was showing on the CTG machine.

Ninety minutes later DD was born.

SouthDerbyshireMamma Tue 26-Aug-14 11:12:22

I felt great dispite being tired. I'd been running around looking for a dress to wear for a wedding I was attending the following day. My dogs and my mums dog acted really odd around me which raised my suspicions something was up. Waters went about 8.30 pm, contractions started at midnight on the dot and I had my boy at 8.23am.

Knackeredmum13 Tue 26-Aug-14 11:20:43

I was very emotionally charged in the days leading up! One morning I had a mad screaming fit at DH over some unnecessary DIY he had decided to start, and then I sobbed for an hour. My waters broke dramatically that evening.

Droflove Tue 26-Aug-14 13:37:42

I was like a bag of cats all day. I couldn't shake the nasty snarley attitude. That evening I started getting long and strong braxton hics, then in the middle of the night POP! my waters broke.

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