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ohthegoats Sun 24-Aug-14 20:57:29

.. I am terrified of the dentist. Can just about go to a check up now on my own (I know, at 40 - not at all embarrassing), but any work I have done under IV sedation at an anaesthetic clinic. Usually they try and check everything all at the same time, so I'm out for an hour or so, it costs me a fortune, but I'm good for 5 years.

18 months ago I spent £600 on getting some fillings sorted, but one of them has now cracked. Well, it cracked about a month ago, but I thought there'd be no point going to the dentist, because I won't be able to be sedated while pregnant.

But, now it's hurting. Question is - can pregnant women be sedated? I know I'd be able to have a general anaesthetic, but I'd rather wait until after birth for the sedation (and put up with a bit of toothache for 6 weeks), than do that.

hlc123 Sun 24-Aug-14 21:03:10

I would be interested to know the answer to this too as I am also petrified of the dentist and fear I need root canal treatment but would need sedation. Hope you're not in too much discomfort

crazykat Sun 24-Aug-14 21:10:11

My friend usually has to be sedated for dental work. When she was pregnant she needed dental work but couldn't be sedated. She had hypnotherapy instead of sedation and she said it was amazing and she had no problems having the work done without sedation.

She's even said she'll have hypnotherapy instead of sedation next time she needs any dental work.

Its not for everyone but maybe worth a try.

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