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What is this? How can I stop it? Please help!

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Sahkoora Sun 24-Aug-14 19:42:31

I'm 32 weeks today and all afternoon I've been having agonising pains in my leg and bum. It feels like something, maybe a nerve, gets caught and then it is incredibly painful for around 30 seconds before easing off.

It's so bad it feels like I'm going to wet myself and be sick. It makes me dizzy and brings tears to my eyes.

Currently alone with two older DC and I've got to get up and get them ready for bed in a mo. What can I do??


NoRoomForALittleOne Sun 24-Aug-14 19:58:06

Phone the midwife. Very occasionally preterm labour pains are in hips/legs apparently.

Eatscones Sun 24-Aug-14 20:00:56

I agree, call to be sure... That is how my sister described her early labour pains. It is better to be safe.

LairyPoppins Sun 24-Aug-14 20:01:53

Or could be sciatica?

Peppa87 Sun 24-Aug-14 20:02:24

I had sciatica in my legs and bum area during pregnancy, that could be a possibility?
Ring your midwife to be safe though!

CherryPie3 Sun 24-Aug-14 20:03:31

Sounds like sciatica to me, the way you describe it is exactly what it feels like - I developed it in my first pregnancy round about 30 weeks and I've had it since although it was significantly worse in my subsequent pregnancies... The resulting child from that pregnancy is now 9yrs old.

Sahkoora Sun 24-Aug-14 20:04:23

Oh shit, really? Older DC were all late! It's happening when I'm walking about only though, not if I sit still. Feels nothing like labour (I don't think), if anything it's more painful!

Only on one side too! Should I still call?

CherryPie3 Sun 24-Aug-14 20:05:24

I was prescribed codeine for my sciatica in second pregnancy (it was the worst in this one) but I didn't dare take it as the doctor told me my baby could develop an addiction to it!! I was also signed off sick the whole time because I also had SPD and could hardly walk. sad

I would recommend ringing your midwife unit for advice and seeing your gp x

CherryPie3 Sun 24-Aug-14 20:06:52

Ooh forgot to add, mine is just left side too. I don't think it's preterm labour but still speak to your mw smile

Natalia32 Sun 24-Aug-14 20:39:23

If one sided, you are most definitely suffering from sciatica but best to check with midwife. If confirmed, acupuncture does wonders at relieving the pain. Take it easy for a couple of weeks. Once the pain subsides and you are back on your feet, yoga to keep it at bay. Works for me every time.

britnay Sun 24-Aug-14 20:49:43

The only way I could get comfy was to lie on the floor on my back, with my legs resting on the sofa (so in a seated position, but on my back, if that makes sense).
I would contact GP if I were you and get an appointment asap. there will be an out of hours service running tomorrow, and whichever local pharmacy open on rota.

fanjodisfunction Sun 24-Aug-14 21:18:48

sounds sciatic nerve, I had this during pg, and still get it now. my leg used to go dead as well. but do check with your midwife, she can tell you ways to tackle it.

Sahkoora Sun 24-Aug-14 22:43:40

Thanks everyone. Called midwife and they told me to take paracetamol and call back in two hours if it got worse. Having googled about I agree that it's sciatica.

DH home now and has helped me into bed. Trying to read a book now and not move until morning. If it's still this bad tomorrow I will attempt the walk in centre.

Thanks again for the advice and help!

britnay Mon 25-Aug-14 19:07:01

Any better today?

peppapigonaloop Mon 25-Aug-14 19:10:05

Yes does sound like sciatica. I used to find a foam roller really help relieve it at least temporarily..

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