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10 weeks post-birth: sudden discomfort, light bleeding, itch

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Elastigrrrl Sun 24-Aug-14 13:53:58

Hi All. Had a long pushing stage and eventually an episiotomy, 2nd degree cut which initially seemed to heal well though I only stopped bleeding/lochia at 5.5 weeks. At 6 weeks, we tried sex which hurt and brought back a bit of bleeding, which subsided after a couple days. Haven't been brave enough to try actual sex since though did orgasm the other day. I have also had low level itching since before birth which the GP and I have tried to treat as thrush with Canesten to no avail - in fact the external cream causes a burning sensation!

I experienced a surge the other day in the itch so tried the Canesten again and a day later had my orgasm. Shortly after that, the low pain and itch increased and I had light bleeding (bright red but very little, seemed sticky rather than liquids), which only lasted a day (so I guess isn't my period returning - I am breast feeding btw).

Any experience of this? I'm abroad for another month, so reluctant to see a doc if it's normal.

Many many thanks, grateful as always for your thoughts.

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