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Aqua natal classes in West London

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lalibela Wed 20-Sep-06 12:51:26

I really want to do some acqua-natal classes as am turning into a huffing-puffing couch monster, but my local leisure centre (Kensington Leisure Centre) has just cancelled the classes because the instructor is pregnant! Can anyone recommend an alternative aqua-natal place in West London or a nearby area?

lalibela Wed 27-Sep-06 17:31:53

Apologies for giving this message a bump, but I just wanted to check again if anyone knows of any aqua natal classes in London. People keep on telling me that this is a fantastic way to exercise when pregnant, so I'm getting really frustrated that I can't find a class to go to.

N1SEXYTING Wed 27-Sep-06 20:22:57

I attend one but its in Crouch end, north london. and I know Enfield also does it but they might be out of your way

alex8 Wed 27-Sep-06 20:24:28

I did normal aqua aerobics classes and the teacher modified some of the moves for me. Had never heard of specific classes though.

novadandypowder Wed 27-Sep-06 21:33:56

thats interesting, I was hoping to start them at KLC in the next couple of weeks! Hadn't got round to calling and checking yet. Is that the Sure Start run one on thursdays?

The only other pool I'm aware of near us is at the Porchester Centre in W2, maybe call them and see if they run something?

lalibela Thu 28-Sep-06 09:00:03

Sorry to say that it is the Sure Start ones at KLC, novadandypowder. They were trying to find a replacement instructor when I rang, but didn't sound very hopeful of finding anyone. Thanks for letting me know about the Porchester Centre, I'll try giving them a ring as well.

lalibela Thu 28-Sep-06 11:50:18

Turns out the Porchester Centre doesn't do special aqua-natal classes, but they say that pregnant women should be fine doing their other aqua classes providing they let the instructor know that they are pregnant. So problem solved -- thanks to everyone for your suggestions!

slinkstah Thu 28-Sep-06 11:58:06

have you tried jubilee sports centre? near harrow road. you could also ask at the sure start offices (golborne centre or the walmer road clinc) they seem to know everything.

its nice to see some local people to me on mumsnet

slinkstah Thu 28-Sep-06 11:59:42

also... they do pg yoga on a thursday if ya interested.

N1SEXYTING Mon 09-Oct-06 20:03:02

check out \link{}

cartwrid Wed 18-Oct-06 13:35:13

Hi, I'm really interested in starting aqua natal classes but can't find any locally, I live in Orpington and have tried the website but can't find any calsses. Does anyone know of any?

anita72 Thu 19-Jul-07 15:54:08

I'd also like to find an aquanatal class in London - around Farringdon/Clerkenwell/Islington/Angel. Any ideas??

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