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Burning feeling down below but not while peeing.

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hartmel Sat 23-Aug-14 19:16:44

As the topic says. I noticed lately that I have a lot of discharge and I started to feel discomfort down there and burning feeling.
It does not hurt or burning feeling while peeing.. But my lower abdominal feels uncomfortable inside and sometimes get period type feeling.

Also I noticed on my knickers that the discharge is dark not creamy white. It is dark yellow/pinkish colour.. Sorry for tmi

Unfortunately I'm only seeing a doctor on 11 sept. as my regular doctor moved away and the earliest appt I got with the new one is in sept..

I also have pelvic gridle pain...

Where I live (in Canada) you don't get a midwife very easy as there is only limited of them.

Could it be that I have UTI (bladder infection)??
What would you do in my case?

Oh and I should mention that two weeks ago I had some water leakage, went to see my doctor but she just shrugged it off to being normal and I should only be concerned if more comes out..

Thank you

Waggamamma Sat 23-Aug-14 20:06:08

I would definitely try to see a doctor earlier than 11th Sept.

It could be trush? You can take the pessary and cream treatment whilst pregnant (brand name in uk is cannasten).

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