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People get on my nerves!!

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Mmolly2013 Sat 23-Aug-14 11:54:08

40 weeks pregnant with first child. Obviously I've got some nerves about the unexpected and the birth but really hate when people down play things when your just venting. Friends says 'oh women give birth all over the world everyday so if they can do iT so can you'. She hasn't had a baby before.

Yes thanks dear friend I'm very aware women give birth all over the world or the human race wouldn't exist, doesn't mean I'm not afraid because I'm about to go through it.

TheBuggerlugs Sat 23-Aug-14 12:00:18

I think people try to be kind, as in reality no one can forsee the birth you'll experience. At least they're not telling you all the horror stories I suppose.

Whatever happens it will be fine and your son or daughter will make it all worth it.

wawabear Sat 23-Aug-14 14:24:46

I'm only 6 weeks and someone said to me "its easy, if I can do it anyone can" - erm actually no, I am the first woman ever to have a baby didn't you know!

I think people are just being kind but it can come across as patronising, it's never happened to YOU before so you're allowed to be nervous!

squizita Sat 23-Aug-14 17:31:44

A colleague said the other day "I hate it when some women scream on OBEM. I mean it hurts all women the same doesn't it? They're just demanding attention." shock
Someone explained what 'back to back' meant and that induced labours tend to hurt more.

I think it's something you only learn about once you're actually pregnant.

I'm trying for a water birth. Had a couple of people smirk and tell me no 1st time mums manage in the MLU (50% do. That's half. And I'm not very woo - perfectly happy for the drugs if I feel overwhelmed). Thankfully my biggest allies have been a few mates with kids who either progressed to fast for drugs or just plain managed on G&A every time.

The way i see it is, no one knows till the day whether it will be textbook or more complicated, bearable or too painful. There's no point in pretending everyone finds it easy or everyone finds it agonising... what will be will be.

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