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Due in December?

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Nimme Sat 10-Apr-04 16:21:48

Very early days I know but would love to talk to others in same situation. This is no. 3 (no. 2 was a mere 1 week fantasy last year) so am keeping this one to myself (and all of you).

Anyone else?

Azure Sat 10-Apr-04 16:38:33

Many congratulations Nimme! I hope there will be plenty of people from the TTC thread joining you soon (including me!).

Nimme Sat 10-Apr-04 16:43:51

Thanks Azure, I know I'm early but just feels right this time. I didn't feel anything during last year's hit and miss but already now starting the constant peeing and my boobs are slightly sore. Hope there will be lots of us soon as DH will get bored out of his mind with the inane preggers talk I can do. Might be the second one but I'm very excited.

Nimme Sat 10-Apr-04 16:55:41

Azure, sorry - I hope you join this thread soon. I waited a year for this one with friends popping them like smarties. Also unsure how to inform the other friends - of which there are several - who are trying for no 1, 2 and 3.

bluestar Sat 10-Apr-04 17:07:46

Nimme, CONGRATULATIONS. I posted earlier on TTC thread about there not being a December thread yet and lo and behold, you have started one. Hooray! I am 11 days per ovulation and have started spotting so not sure if it is very early period or implantation spotting. So might join you and I might not. I also had a mc last summer at just over 5 weeks so know how you feel. Wishing you loads of luck x x

bluestar Sat 10-Apr-04 17:08:50

Azure, you haven't posted on TTC lately (have you?) where are you up to in your cycle?

Nimme Sat 10-Apr-04 17:11:24

Bluestar - I am crossing my fingers for you.

Azure Sat 10-Apr-04 17:48:12

Bluestar, update on TTC thread.

Nimme Sun 18-Apr-04 12:17:21

I can't believe I am the only one here?! Must be more of you out there. Perhaps you are of the cautious kind - me I like to blab all the time. Anyone to blab with?

Toots Sun 18-Apr-04 20:01:18

Nimme, I'm a blabber, was desperate for my October thread to start, by which time I'd told the bloke in the chip shop! You'll have lots of mates here soon, I'm sure.

Even more importantly - CONGRATULATIONS!!!

collision Sun 18-Apr-04 20:14:30

WOW! A December thread! Congratulations! Im in the November PG and am 9 weeks today! Hope all goes well.

Nimme Sun 18-Apr-04 20:26:16

Thanks Toots and Collision - congratulations to you too! Started typing message and then hit some buttons (in my eagerness) and message gone - hopefully gone gone and not ended up somewhere it shouldn't...

Yes it is definitely good to talk - DH not very interested as it's his no 4.

Just managed to overcook DD's pasta - I am really splendid cook!

Hope there'll be loads of us here soon.

hana Mon 19-Apr-04 18:55:36

congrats Nimme! Yes - you're a bit lonely right now........there are sooooooooo many of us over on TTC thread who would LOVE to join you!!! Hoping you have some buddies here soon!

Mum2Ela Mon 19-Apr-04 18:59:52

Blimy!!! A December thread already!! How exciting!!


Jezebel Mon 19-Apr-04 23:25:51

Can I join? BFP on Wednesday! V scared as have had 3 mcs as well as 1 gorgeous baba. Spotted a little pink when period due so thought was not pg and had some wine one night and gin the next after having abstained copletely for a month. Then realised spotting had stopped. It is all very early and am very scared. I had an appt this Friday at recurrent mc clinic and have cancelled it following advice from dh who is a doctor (since no tests would work when pg). Lots of luck to you Nimme and very best wishes to everyone ttc. Hope this thread is joined by all of you.

bunny2 Tue 20-Apr-04 01:42:25

Good luck to you both. Hope to see more names soon.

Nimme Tue 20-Apr-04 12:08:51

Oh yes please Jezebel. CONGRATULATIONS!!

I had gotten so used to not getting pg that I stopped worrying about alcohol and had a couple of merry evenings just before I found out. Perhaps not such a bad thing as I finally relaxed.

I was 6 weeks pg with DD1 before I found out and I was both drinking and smoking in those days - DD1 is absolutely fine (if you don't count the huge tantrum she is currently throwing in her bedroom)

Jezebel Tue 20-Apr-04 23:21:09

I look forward to chatting with you Nimme. How are you feeling? I have tingly boobs and I am very thirsty. Due to my history of mcs I am planning to go for an early scan after a couple of weeks.

Nimme Wed 21-Apr-04 14:31:19

Jezebel - yes tingly boobs (and nipples) and the obligatory need-to-wee - oh and thirsty.

Also hungry, nauseous, and breathless. The breathless is new to me and slightly worrying as I had planned to be good and go to gym throughout this time - in order not to put on 3 stone again.. I have already put on 2kg and virtually all my trousers are getting too tight. Compared to someone I know in their 6th month who barely shows it sounds ludicrous I know.

So when will you going for a scan? I think it's a great idea to put your mind at rest. I had 7 week scan first time round only to see all was okay (was abroad).

hana Wed 21-Apr-04 14:41:45

Hey - I am here! Yipee!
Due on Christmas Day!

Nimme Wed 21-Apr-04 14:51:46

Congratulations Hana!!!

I am due 7th but was two weeks early last time (thank god).

How are you feeling?

Nimme Wed 21-Apr-04 14:53:27

Jezebel when are you due?

bunny2 Wed 21-Apr-04 20:11:42

Yeeeessssss!!! Hana that is brilliant Wow, I ma well chuffed for you, what a wonderful Christmas pressie. Big hug to you. Bunnyx

Jezebel Thu 22-Apr-04 00:31:59

Hana - well done! So pleased you are here. I have met you on other threads and look forward to chatting with you..

I am due on 13th. I do feel fat already. I think the old tum is bigger

hana Sat 24-Apr-04 16:56:28

Nimme and Jezebel - are there only 3 of us here? Wow! Such a small group having babies in Dec......never been so small has it?
Am wondering if I should book in for an early scan or not......only tested on Fri so just 4 weeks plus a few days. Jeez - can't wait till that number is in double digits. Already feeling tiny bit tired in afternoons, and a bit of queasiness too first thing in the morning. Can't justify taking a nap in the afternoons yet though!
How are you both feeling?

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