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Plus size maternity clothing

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Lucie99 Fri 22-Aug-14 22:15:43

Anybody have any recommendations for plus sized maternity clothes? I'm an 18/20 and I've just found out I'm expecting. Will I be able to buy in the High Street or should I be looking online?


ilovepowerhoop Fri 22-Aug-14 22:18:40

I'm sure I had stuff from Next and Mothercare in those sizes. Next would have to be bought online probably

Lucie99 Fri 22-Aug-14 22:22:01

Thanks Powerhoop ... not sure why I didn't think of Next blush

williaminajetfighter Fri 22-Aug-14 22:22:43

I second next. I also bought a few non brand items online and from the USA. I think h and m have a maternity line that goes up to 20. Good luck!

Mistyautumn Sat 23-Aug-14 02:44:33

Online simply be or fashion world have some available. I am much bigger than you and use these (same company so virtually identical collection).

But to be honest I have got away with not really buying any. Just been sensible with what I have bought in the high street. Bought leggings a few sizes up and lots of empire line style dressed and maxi dresses have got me through.

Bigger problem I had was actually getting non wired bras and nursing bras. Xx

SugarPlumpFairy3 Sat 23-Aug-14 07:48:52

Next. Also New Look and Asda used to do them.

I used this website for my nursing plus size nursing bras and they were great.

mumto3beauts Sat 23-Aug-14 09:08:46

George at asda do some lovely bits, new look I think go to a size 18, I have a couple of size 18 maternity jeans from next and they are very comfy, failing that I got some leggings from sainsburys in a 20/22 and some long dress tops (stretchy) from h&m.

Sammi1986 Sat 23-Aug-14 10:57:16

I'm bigger than you and found the tops in H&M were really comfy. Next, simply be, jojo maternity jeans (expensive but worth it), eBay did a fabulous paid of "black denim jeans" that were only about 12, turns out they were more like grey trousers but very comfy. I found maternity knickers impossible to find at a reasonable price, turns out tesco do seam free shorts that were perfect

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