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Early labour signs

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AnnoyedByAlfieBear Fri 22-Aug-14 14:40:30

What were your give aways? My waters breaking were the 1st clue I had with ds but it was at 34+4 so wasn't looking g for anything really.

I am now 33 weeks with dd and can't stop looking for things when I feel I should be just relaxing and trying to enjoy the last part of pregnancy. sad

Yesterday I had a slight upset tummy. I've been feeling sick and achy for a while. Now I'm completely off my food and had some thick cream snot when I wiped just now (sorry for tmi). Please can someone tell me to calm down and stop looking into things too deeply. sad

Droflove Fri 22-Aug-14 14:43:38

Are you excited or stressed? Any reason to believe you will have early labour again? If not, I would start preparing myself for 42 weeks! I find it helps to focus on that rather than wondering every day if this is the day. It WILL happen, but what's the rush....

AnnoyedByAlfieBear Fri 22-Aug-14 14:49:55

I'm semi expecting an early baby as my uterus didn't grow properly and the not knowing what to expect is making me slightly stressed. I'm booked in for a cs and early labour would turn an elective into an emergency. The Dr's have no idea if I'm growing properly so can't advise what or when to expect anything.

DayLillie Fri 22-Aug-14 15:02:07

My waters broke with DS1 and he arrived very fast. I was expecting twins the second time and anxious that they would arrive early, with a 10 minute labour, and that I would not have time to get to the hospital.

I had loads and loads of 'snot' one day and went in for monitoring. Nothing.

When I went into labour, I recognised the feeling immediately. Even though the contractions were totally painless. Timed it all perfectly smile

Make sure you have your bag packed, then relax and look after yourself.

TheOnlySeven Fri 22-Aug-14 19:32:04

I'd definitely advise you to try to relax and not be constantly on the lookout for signs, easier said than done I know. I've had 3 babies before 36 weeks, I'm now 36+2 and seriously driving myself mad as I was genuinely expecting to have given birth by now.

AnnoyedByAlfieBear Sat 23-Aug-14 07:12:01

I'm glad I'm not the only one on army look out TheOnlySeven .

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