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Feel like I'm falling apart week by week, yet still so long to go! Anyone else?

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bronya Fri 22-Aug-14 09:43:42

8 weeks to go (or up to 10 if DC1's arrival date was anything to go by). Can't walk for more than 20min without having joint problems (and that's taking it steadily), unbelievably tired, becoming gradually unable to eat more and more foods without being sick, and if I bend too much (e.g. sorting baby clothes, tidying up) my hips hurt so much I can barely walk for the rest of the day. Poor DS is watching too much TV, and DH is having to get home from work, walk the dog (and the toddler), hang washing up etc. Still got a holiday to go on, a family graduation to attend with DS (involving a 2 hour train journey each way!!) and general life to keep running.

Anyone else want to moan with me?

BumpOct2014 Fri 22-Aug-14 12:36:48

I'm 31 weeks (just about) and I'm on school hols at the moment as I'm a teacher. Back to work a week on Monday for 7 weeks and dreading it!

My sickness is more controlled while I'm off as I can get up at a more reasonable time (usually up early for 40 min drive to work to get there for 730ish) and eat some breakfast - don't have time until I get to work so usually feel very sick in car.

I'm struggling with too much walking as I already have a chronic back condition. I'm moving into year 1 (5-6year olds) so have been told by physio to NOT sit on small chairs. Will make working with the kids a bit more difficult.

Also getting pains in my bump and back if I bend over too much - think baby resents any squishing, however gentle!!

Lots of decorating, sorting and tidying to be done before I go back to work. OH is doing as much as he can but I feel really guilty for not helping more.

Never had a time when I felt like I was 'blooming' or enjoying pregnancy and think the last couple of months are going to be hard.

hartmel Sat 23-Aug-14 04:25:31

31 weeks!! And I will join in the moaning...

I have a 11 month old son. Who is going through teething and growth sprout (inherited from DH side that when they are in this phase they are in a lot of pain from growing.)
He is cranky, gets a couple phrases where he starts crying because he wants to walk and get into things. And when he wants something and doesn't get it can't reach he starts crying...

So far this pregnancy is far easier then with DS, but now I have pelvic pain. Sometimes I could cry because of the pain. Can't roll in bed without being in pain. I'm counting days already until baby is born.. I hope the baby will arrive before due date..

Inbl00m Sat 23-Aug-14 05:13:30

Can I join the fun? 36 weeks and same as you hartmel - the pelvic pain in bed is driving me nuts. Have you found anything that helps? I wake up feeling fine and then all of a sudden it's like a laser hits me in the back. The only thing I can do is get up.

Can't comprehend that this might go on for another 6 weeks...!!

hartmel Sat 23-Aug-14 12:01:23

No I haven't found anything yet to ease it a little bit. Noticed when I relax all day, than it isn't so bad but when I do housework or shopping it is extremely painful then..

I wish I could be close to due date already or have the baby. I'm looking forward as DH is going on parental leave for a min of 3 month so he will help me with The kids and housework

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