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Colour B4 safe in pregnancy?

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docpeppa Fri 22-Aug-14 09:32:55

I wanted to strip my hair of all colours as it is looking really uneven and just a mess basically.

Has anyone heard of Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover? I sit safe to use in pregnancy? I'm only 4 +4

Thanks in advance

MrsMonkeyBear Fri 22-Aug-14 09:47:47

My sister used it when she was about 16wks and now she has a bouncy 4 year old. I've used it pre pregnancy and the only issue is the smell IMO. My hair smelt of rotten eggs for about a month.

LavenderFox Sun 24-Aug-14 07:57:17

Don't do it! Mainly because your hair will turn orange and you will then either have to live with it, or keep dyeing it again until it looks reasonable. All hair colours, including dark tones contain peroxide which strips the hair of its natural colour and helps the new colour stick so once you remove the colour what remains is shades of orange, not your natural colour. Stay well away...!

squizita Sun 24-Aug-14 09:46:56

Yep the main reason I wouldn't use a home colour remover is what Lavender says ... pregnant or not, the results can be terrifying and orange (a friend of mine took 3 weeks to gradually strip and re colour her hair after an orange disaster. Luckily it was winter. She wore hats a lot).

The NHS advise that home hair dyes are safe. However some women find their skin is very sensitive in the 1st trimester and semi-perm and perm dyes irritate their skin - I found the smell (of rotten fish to me) unbearable.

What I did was use a 'wash in wash out' toner type colour ("lasts 8 washes") for the 1st trimester as it was milder on the skin and just smells of shampoo. And tied my hair up a lot. Once my smell aversions went down a little (about 10 weeks) I dyed my hair a shade darker in a semi-permanent no ammonia home dye (Nice & Easy do some) again for the smell more than worry: my MW and the NHS website reassured it was safe. This covered the roots/greys nicely and needed doing 20 min once a month.

I'm due v soon, so decided a permanent dye might be best to get me through the 1st 6 weeks when there will be no chance... so used a permanent dye yesterday. At 37 weeks it still stank of fish to my nose, but thankfully no gagging!!

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