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Anyone else got a belly piercing?

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purplemunkey Thu 21-Aug-14 19:48:26

I'm 30 weeks and my piercing is starting tolook really sore sad I had it done about 16 years ago and feel naked without it but it's looking pretty red. MW noticed at last appt & suggested I put some Dettol on it so I've been putting some antiseptic liquid on it (Boots own - much cheaper!) but it's not really getting any better. It's a plastic pregnancy bar that I swapped out for my metal one quite a few weeks ago but I'm considering just giving up and taking it out. Anyone else had similar experiences?

AlpacaMyBags Thu 21-Aug-14 19:50:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ihateparties Thu 21-Aug-14 19:51:43

I took mine out at a similar time with ds who is 7 in week or two, I just put it back in again about 2 months ago. So working on the fact mine stayed 90% open for over 7 years I'm guessing you would be okay if you did take it out !

purplemunkey Thu 21-Aug-14 20:04:47

I thought it was because it was tight rather than infected Alpaca, maybe I'll try salt water before giving up - thanks for the advice! Good to know your piercing was still open ihateparties, if I do have to take it out I'll hopefully be able to get it back in easily once bubbs has arrived.

SchroSawMargeryDaw Thu 21-Aug-14 20:07:50

Don't put dettol on it! It will strip any healthy healing cells there too and make it more inflamed. Don't use anything stronger than sea salt and cool boiled water on it.

You can buy retainers made from medical grade plastic (PTFE, Bioplast etc) that are specially made to be used in pregnancy.

SchroSawMargeryDaw Thu 21-Aug-14 20:08:47

Here is a PTFE one

katemyn Thu 21-Aug-14 20:15:53

I took mine out when it started to feel sore and put it back in a few weeks after birth. Went back in fine! Had it pierced for about 15 years before pregancy x

purplemunkey Thu 21-Aug-14 20:21:17

Gah! So I'm probably making it WORSE Shro? Bloody MW, salt water it is then. I've got one of those purpose made pregnancy bars in already, thanks for the link though. Bump has grown quite a lot in last few weeks so I think it's just stretched skin that needs to settle. I'll give it a little longer!

SchroSawMargeryDaw Thu 21-Aug-14 20:26:42

I removed mines when I was pregnant, it stayed open but obviously you may be a quicker healer.

Yes, adding strong cleaning products in will make it worse, if you were to go for an operation you wouldn't think to douse the wound in dettol, would you?

The best thing to do with piercings is leave them alone as much as possible, clothes that don't rub, the right jewelery (the type of plastic you are using may not be the best for you and some degrade quicker than others) and using gentle cleaning methods and not over cleaning (any more than twice a day definitely isn't needed) and don't ever play with or touch the bar or piercing if not needed.


milkwagon Thu 21-Aug-14 20:28:45

Dettol?! Ouch. I found Savlon spray worked well - and I would second saltwater too. I've just swapped my metal bar for a plastic one at 24 weeks though I left it for longer first time round. I took it out for a few weeks and went back in no problem first round.

purplemunkey Thu 21-Aug-14 20:39:20

This is what I have in

Defo stopping with the antiseptic then blush

SchroSawMargeryDaw Thu 21-Aug-14 20:47:05

It's PTFE, so should be fine. If it doesn't get better you could always try a different material. Did you buy it on Amazon? It could also be that the plastic isn't that great quality, do you have a piercing studio near that you could go in and ask for advice?

Also make sure the bar isn't too long, if it is then it could be moving around more than you want and that could irritate it too.

McBear Thu 21-Aug-14 20:49:14

I got the see through pregnancy one. From Argos.

Mine was sore and I have a scar from where I changed it too late. Looks like the playboy bunny ears hmm

purplemunkey Thu 21-Aug-14 20:54:17

Yes, bought it on Amazon. It was a pack of three as you can cut them down to size and I think the idea is you can use them all as your belly grows. I put the first one in about a month ago after my normal bar was getting a bit sore and cut it down to a little longer than the standard bar length and it was fine. I just put the second one in maybe a week ago as I thought perhaps the irritation was due to me needing a slightly longer bar having grown some. I do have a piercing studio nearby, that's a good idea, I'll ask in there if it doesn't clear up.

2014MrsH Thu 21-Aug-14 23:18:04

I ended up having to take my piercing out at 14 weeks due to soreness abs itching. I tried the flexi maternity ones but now by belly button is starting to pop I'd rather not risk my skin tearing. Maybe try savlon on your piercing and see if that eases?

purplemunkey Fri 22-Aug-14 08:33:54

Just to check, when I say Dettol I'm talking about the antiseptic liquid for wounds - so pretty much the same thing as Savlon. I've not been putting kitchen cleaner on it or anything! Anyway, decided to take it out this morning as it was more sore. A little bit of yellow came out of the hole (sorry, gross!) so I think it was for the best. I'll make sure the soreness clears up and try and get a bar back in after the birth. Thanks for the advice everyone! smile

beckworth Fri 22-Aug-14 11:32:47

I don't have a piercing anymore but have a scar where I used to have one, and I've found it's been really itchy, verging on sore - so it could just be skin stretching.

SchroSawMargeryDaw Fri 22-Aug-14 13:35:16

Dettol wound wash is just as bad. If it is infected and you have taken it out then you need to get to the GP for anti-biotics ASAP. After the bar is out and it starts closing, there is no way for the pus to drain and this can trap the infection, it spreads and causes far bigger problems than a sore belly. You really do not want to risk it when pregnant.

Good luck.

DownstairsMixUp Fri 22-Aug-14 13:42:44

I used a plastic one but ended up taking it out. The scar stretches quite big leaving it in till the end.

purplemunkey Fri 22-Aug-14 16:37:46

I really don't think it is that bad Schro, just a little sore. Why would the MW suggest dettol if it was a stupid thing do to? i used Boots own antiseptic wash anyway. Are you a medical professional? If so and I have been given bad advice then I'll follow on on it. I have another appt on Tues.

Ellie2elysia Fri 22-Aug-14 23:13:04

I thought I was doing so well with my belly piercing... I got to about 33 weeks and then it started getting redder and more inflamed, it then started to really hurt! It wasn't an infection but it was my body pushing it out... I had swapped it for a pregnancy bar but had no luck and in the end I had to just take it out! Take it out now though because now I am left with a big red scar smile you can always get it re pierced after pregnancy. I had mine done for 7 years btw.

Ellie2elysia Fri 22-Aug-14 23:16:45

May I add I also thought it was infected because yellow was coming out BUT it was just purely from irritation and I went to the gp and they said it was just inflamed and there wasn't much I could do smile

purplemunkey Sat 23-Aug-14 00:00:43

Thanks Ellie, sounds very similar. I've taken it out and will check with MW on Tues but I think it's fine. I just need to let the soreness heal itself smile

Ellie2elysia Sat 23-Aug-14 02:44:26

Yes the best thing to do is take it out smile sooner rather than later otherwise you'll end up with a scar like I've got... Think someone also mentioned a bunny type scar above and that's what I have because I just left it in too long smile. I will get mine re pierced when baby is here (39+5) grin

goodasitgets Sat 23-Aug-14 04:36:08

Dettol etc is a bad idea. I'm not a HCP but I do have 11 piercings and experience with infected ones. Sea salt and boiled water, or grab some saline (it's by contact lens stuff in supermarket). Wash with a mild soap when in the shower and rinse it well
Try not to fiddle with it, a warm chamomile teabag on it can be soothing, and yes to not letting it close up if infected
My piercings sometimes play up if I'm feeling a bit unwell so it could just be a troublesome phase. Main thing is keep it clean and leave alone unless it's got pus/infected in which case you probably need the doctor for antibiotics/cream
HCP are not piercing professionals, their advice may be different and it's not always the best. This has useful info and links from a world renowned piercer

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